How to choose dildos for women and men

Cirillas Rabbit Vibrator for Women

Vibrators come in a very wide range. We can divide them into vibrators for the clitoris, G point, vaginal stimulation, anal dildo, vibrators with pearls, vibrators with double action, real vibrators, vibrators with triple simultaneous stimulation (vagina, clitoris and anus), vibrating massagers, vibrators for men and more. The amazing variety of vibrators, like models, sizes and materials, can really be a problem when you want to buy a vibrator. Whether you are interested in purchasing a vibrator for you, whether it’s one for your partner, we can help you with some simple questions and answers for the right choice of vibrator.

1. Why do you want to use it? Do you want to stimulate your clitoris? Or do you want it for vaginal or anal penetration?

Since the vibrations create pleasure when you use it to stimulate the clitoris or around it, even the phalanx vibrators can be used for external stimulation if the vibrations they offer are quite as strong at the tip of the vibrator. If you want to use the vibrator for anal stimulation, make sure it has a wide base to avoid unpleasant accidents. Although there are vibrators designed specifically for anal stimulation, most are not, for starters, make sure you buy one designed specifically for anal stimulation.

2. How powerful are the vibrations it offers?

If you have not used a vibrator before, then this is definitely a question that no one can answer, you just have to experiment. However, we can offer you some tips. If, when you masturbate, you prefer a strong clitoral stimulation instead of a slight touch, choose a vibrator with strong vibrations such as Wanachi, Pleasure Dot, Water Massager or Tickle Me Crazy – specially designed for stimulation of the clitoris. If you prefer delicate touches, you can opt for a discreet vibrator, small size and fine vibrations in the form of very delicate pulses – such as Petit Ami, Divine Massager, Play Bunny, FeelzToys Mycero or Jesse’s Teaser Butterfly. If you are not sure how hard or slow you want the dildo to vibrate, then you can choose a dildo with vibrations with adjustable intensity. You can play with it until you find out how you want the vibrations for you. Most dildos fitted with vibration-adjustable intensity are equipped with remote controls for their control, disposed at their base or wired, even wireless. The most appropriate here would be a special stimulator for the clitoris. Also, phalanx vibrators are provided with vibrations with adjustable intensity, you can opt for a small size such as the Lady Finger vibrators, which, besides clitoral stimulation, can also be used for light penetration.

Cirillas Vibrators

3. How much do you want to spend on a sex toy?

Most people first opt ​​for cheaper sex toys, especially to test the sensation, and then gradually increase to high-tech or luxury vibrators. But if you like a more sophisticated vibrator and think it will make you touch new heights of pleasure due to the shape and countless special features it offers – then without any worries, you can jump over the preliminary steps and buy it and you will surely be happy with the results.

Usually, expensive, ergonomic, last generation vibrators – are specially designed, perfect from an anatomical point of view, to precisely and irresistibly reach all erogenous areas. Plus, vibrations and their intensity are no longer a problem, offering different modes of vibration, pulsation, rotation and many other games, all controlled with the help of the remote control or the advanced controller they are provided with. Read more here.

4. How big should the dildo be?

Discrete, small size toy bags that fit in your purse, such as the Pocket Rocket Vibrator or Mini Vibrators – are an excellent choice if you want to have them on you all the time. However, if your vibrator or sexual toy never leaves the drawer next to your bed, of course the length is not too important. In another thought, if you intend to use the vibrator for penetration, vaginal or anal, then the thickness of the toy is the most important aspect. So, if you do not know exactly what to try, the advice is very simple, try something smaller for the beginning and then you can decide what best suits you.

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