Some Modest DIY #sinfulsunday

It’s not all fun and games every weekend at ours you know . . .

Because, although I often do like calling on extra assistance . . .

Sometimes . . . for a quick touch-up . . . one does have to resort to
some simple D-I-Y.

Although . . . you may not be surprised to know . . . things still often end up
getting a little messy!!!

You are sure to discover more weekend activities by touching-up
the Sinful Sunday lips below!

Sinful SundayXxx – K


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19 Responses to Some Modest DIY #sinfulsunday

  1. My – you look fabulous! You have an amazing body Modesty. Talking of Modesty I didn’t know about Modesty Blaze until my brother in law told me about the character last week 😉 xx

  2. Jo

    I absolutely love that you’re wearing shoes. Gotta protect those tootsies!

  3. I’ll hold the ladder for you any day, K.

  4. I have DIY but maybe if it was naked DIY it might be more appealing


  5. O

    A jaw-dropping sight! I detest DIY, but think I’d enjoy it a whole lot more of nudity was involved…

    O x

  6. Beautiful set of photos, the advantage of decorating is you have no dirty clothes. We should all do it this way. Lol xxx

  7. sassycoupleok

    The view is fabulous and clean up is much easier, love it !!

  8. Working hard I see. Great set of photos xx

  9. Just a fun set of images – hope you’ve managed to finish all your DIY x

  10. This is great. I love that you have your lipstick on too. You look like you are really enjoying the body painting. I love it! missy x

  11. Wonderful pictures!!! Definitely saves getting paint on your clothes

  12. Once again, looking fierce! This made me smile though. Not all fun and games, but work getting done

  13. This is how I shall be doing DIY from now on!

  14. Bee

    Naked DIY is so much easier for the cleaning up afterwards isn’t it. Shame I forget we take the blinds down too, the neighbours must be used to me by now *giggles

  15. Wonderful decorating. Who would not be inspired to get out their brush and roller after seeing this set of sexy photos.

  16. We have some walls that need painting, so you can come on over anytime you want. Naked of course 😉

    Rebel xox

  17. I just saw this post again, and my cock is getting hard… Again!

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