Modestly Tampered #sinfulsunday

“Cricket!” I laughed when my new sub told me his favourite sport, as we began his session this afternoon.

“Well,” I said forcefully. “I must say I didn’t understand all that fuss and controversy over ball-tampering a few weeks ago . . . and having to watch
grown men cry afterwards!”

“Just stand still will you!” I told him, as he shuffled from foot to foot.
“Stand still . . . and perhaps you can explain it to me!”

He did seem to get quite emotional . . . and seemed in some discomfort . . .
as he tried to explain.
And when I told him there were some bats and balls in the cupboard . . . well!!!

For more sporting excitement fun just rub gently on
the Sinful Sunday lips below!

Sinful SundayXxx – K


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19 Responses to Modestly Tampered #sinfulsunday

  1. Oh! You’re just mean! LOL.

  2. That is so funny – 😉 xx

  3. V

    Oh How FUN! I’m impressed he could get a word out!

  4. You know I like my wheel time, I would love that.

  5. eye

    Your posts always make me smile. Thank you.

  6. You clearly both had so much fun with this!

  7. Missy

    Makes me shuffle just looking at that pic! 🙂
    Missy x

  8. Ha. Ball tampering!

  9. The way you’re cupping him is almost tender, although I am sure you were anything but! Xx

  10. I really love the fun in your posts!

    Rebel xox

  11. Oh K what a lovely play on words! I think a bit of ball tampering in this instance is a must!

  12. Oh my. Hope this gent was ready for this particular game.

  13. Ball tampering indeed! Hee hee

  14. Did he get to the bit where he explained what a googly is?


  15. Bee

    Ball tampering…ok I’m giggling at that!

  16. This is great – I just love it! 🙂

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