Modest Self-Service #sinfulsunday

“I hate these self-service machines” I said to Hubby. “I’m always nervous
whenever I have to use them in the copy-shop.”

“I’m never sure which way to put the paper down at first!”

“I have pushed the button!” I said to him. “But nothing is coming out.”

“No, I don’t want to ask the man at the back of the shop!” I snapped at him.
“I would feel silly having to ask for assistance.”

“Try the auto-feeder on the top” Hubby whispered nervously.
“Before somebody else comes in to the shop and joins the queue.”

“Yes, it’s working now!” I giggled triumphantly. “Now you go and pay, I think the number of copies comes up automatically on his screen.”

Thankfully I managed to get all my copies made without any complaints or further delay . . . and I’m sure there will be lots of other interesting copies to view from pushing the Sinful Sunday button below!

Sinful Sunday

And, I’m hoping that having to wait for the machine to become available, will qualify me for the “Public Photocopier” category at Jade’s wonderful and
fun Scavenger Hunt pages!

There are lots of my other Scavenger Hunt postings at my
Scavenger Listings page . . . where there are now over 100 different locations.
Most of which are on my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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20 Responses to Modest Self-Service #sinfulsunday

  1. athorny

    its unfortunate that i’m never in the right shop at the right time lol

  2. Wow, that’s brave of you!

  3. Tee hee!
    Awesome. A really cheeky one, even for you!

  4. Oh K your bravery never fails to make me gasp in admiration! You’re my hero!

    Candy xx

  5. Love this series of shots and also the thought. I really ‘enjoyed’ your photos, K.

  6. You two crack me up. I have no idea how you managed this but it is brilliant


  7. David

    I wish I was waiting for the copier – where abouts are you>!!

  8. The story that goes along with the pictures is great. They are really daring and it must have been quite a thrill to take them. I love that you are slowly revealing more and more ?

  9. Fabulous cheeky images. Like the rest of the gang I’m always amazed at how you get away with it! Well done!

  10. Clever and persistent! Great images xx

  11. You’re so ballsy! I love that you got 1 picture, let alone an array!

  12. Yes! It definitely qualifies. Well done! I’ll get it added ASAP.

  13. I love seeing all the people in the window behind you, who have no idea what you’re up to. You are one bold woman, and I love seeing all the places you take your photos! I only wish I were that brave.

  14. slave sindee

    very nice

  15. Bee

    This is hilarious…how do you manage these without getting caught!

  16. How the bloody hell did you manage these? WOW! Your bravery and little snippets of conversation just crack me up. You are amazing!! <3 x

  17. I just bloody LOVE how you get away with these shots. Spectacularly cheeky! ??

  18. this is fabulous and made me smile start to finish x

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