Coffee Kisses #wickedwednesday

It’s always lovely meeting-up with my special friend SheLover for after-work drinks and fun and laughter. Though, as I’m sure you can imagine, many more glasses of wine were raised, than cups of coffee, on our evening-out last night.

But on remembering that this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday was “Coffee” we just couldn’t resist squeezing, closely, into the pubs restroom
for a photo or three!!!

For more sobering, and possibly more sensible, thoughts on “Coffee”
just tap on the button below.


SheLover and I always, always, have great fun and laughter remembering some of our previous fun adventures together . . . so I thought I would add last night’s Coffee Cups to one of our previous sippings . . . and add them to my
Exposé Vŭ pages here.

Xxx – K


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8 Responses to Coffee Kisses #wickedwednesday

  1. sassycoupleok

    Coffee and a twofer……….how wonderful 😉

  2. Such fun. More wine than coffee is a-okay in my book.

  3. mmmm looks like a fun date to me and I love that you thought about the coffee prompt while meeting your friend 😉

    Rebel xox

  4. Definitely a wonderful friendship I think


  5. Jo

    Who needs sobering or sensible thoughts when you have fabulous photos like this?!

  6. slave sindee

    very nice

  7. You have my heart, and a lot more, racing now.

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