Special, Special Kisses #sinfulsunday

Sometimes a chance meeting can turn into the most wonderful and loving . . . and fun . . . of relationships.

And at one such chance meeting six years ago, I was so lucky to meet with,
and begin one of those special fun and loving friendships.
One which I’m sure will last forever.

And as today is that special person’s birthday, and for reasons beyond our control I am unable to give my kisses in person, I just had to send them here.

See who else is sharing special moments this Sinful Sunday,
by kissing the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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25 Responses to Special, Special Kisses #sinfulsunday

  1. Violet

    What a lovely dedication and picture!

  2. This is lovely and it sounds like a very precious and wonderful friendship


  3. O

    What a lucky person, this sounds like an excellent friendship.


  4. A beautiful image and lovely tribute. It’s lovely to have special people in your life and be able to honour them on their birthday.

  5. Beautiful, subtly sexy, a friendship to be treasured.

  6. I love how you can only just see what is going on in this photo. The blur contrasting with the vibrant red is wonderful.


  7. Lovely tribute – and the photo is just gorgeous – the blur just adds to it x

  8. A beautiful image. Here’s hoping you can share that kiss soon.

  9. Beautiful photo and special words too. Xx

  10. Lovely thoughts and a great image.

  11. This is so very sweet, and sounds like a beautiful friendship. I also love the combination of blurred-ness and the bright colours in the photo. x

  12. Jo

    Ohhhh! This is so lovely! Also, I love the photo – the bright red of the lingerie pops when the image is out of focus, like blurry fairy lights. x

  13. My eyes are straining to see it – a great photo and I like the mystery 🙂

  14. Bee

    That sounds like a truly wonderful relationship, I love the blurred mystery to this.

  15. Such a lovely message and I find peering into the image trying to see more of you 🙂

    Rebel xox

  16. Wonderful to have such friendships…I do hope you’re right and that you enjoy each other both for years to come. Your photo though blurry is still sexy because I can still see colors and outlines, shapes and makes the imagination work overtime 😉

  17. This is gorgeous! It should be a book cover, there is so much story and mystery in it.

  18. Sounds like a lovely relationship <3 x

  19. Love this shot. My imagination is running rampant as I begin to… well you know. xo

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