Modest Times Past #wickedwednesday

As I mentioned on New Years Eve, Time is something we can’t stop, or even pause . . . but it would be fun to turn-back-the-clock, just occasionally!

Modesty Ablaze Polaroids Past 1990

Modesty Ablaze – 1990

To younger days, when I know I could never have imagined the distances
I would travel . . . and the adventures I would experience . . .
28 years on into the future!!!

Modesty Ablaze – 2018

I suppose . . . with the benefit of hindsight . . . there are some things I would have liked to change, or do differently. But “hindsight” will always be an
after-thought, never an actuality. And I know that all those twists and turns,
bumps in the road and ups-and-downs . . . especially those ups-and-downs!
. . . are, for me, what the real world is all about.

Our journey through time is one we all have to travel, to shape us and make us who we are today. And actually, I really wouldn’t change a thing!!!

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Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past
e Proud of Who You Were . . . and Be Proud of Who
You Have Become!

Join me at my #polaroidspast slideshow.

Xxx – K


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7 Responses to Modest Times Past #wickedwednesday

  1. Fascinating to see the two images together. Clever idea K!

  2. sassycoupleok

    Both lovely and clever !!

  3. Absolutely amazing photos!
    1990 I was pregnant and having my second child in August. Separated from my first husband and living with my mother. Seems like decades ago lol.
    We sure have come a long way from 1990! ?

  4. Love your looking back photos – time ticks away no matter what we do xx

  5. I love how these images are almost identical. Lovely! You look as good now as you did back then!

    Rebel xox

  6. Jo

    “Hindsight will always be an afterthought, never a reality” – I like and agree with this sentiment but also hope that hindsight influences my future choices! I love when you do past / present re-shoots!

  7. Two wonderful photos and very wise words xx

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