Modestly Enticing #sinfulsunday

As I mentioned in my Formulations earlier this week, there is much more to Domination and Submission than the purely physical!!!

There is often a powerful sense of Expectation, Excitement and Electricity raised by some Eager Enticement . . . before those Endorphins kick-in.

And if you listen carefully, you may just hear one of my Exhortations by
pushing my play button above!

And as the letter E is this week’s prompt at Sinful Sunday, there is bound to be lots more Energy to be Enjoyed by pushing the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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21 Responses to Modestly Enticing #sinfulsunday

  1. Oh girl! You are fire in that clip.

  2. You are such a stern Mistress!


  3. Yes Mistress!
    Exquisite… x x

  4. Amazing! Love the use of video

  5. So casually dismissive – “you know what – you can’t”
    Looove this clip thanks Modesty!

  6. Damn Mistress…you covered all the E words!
    You did an excellent job too.
    Love the video!

  7. Violet


  8. Jo

    I personally find ALL of your photos enticing! x

  9. slave sindee

    very nice

  10. Very enticing.
    I’m certainly enticed

  11. E is enormous fun, every week I love your entries. Poor soul the salivation must of been caught up in his mask.

  12. johnny come lately

    wow that raised my eyebrows.
    Excellent clip

  13. wowsers!! that was not only enticing but thrilling

  14. A sensual and erotic clip. As well as all of the other words you used above xx

  15. So near and yet so far. Love this sexy clip Modesty.

  16. O

    Exquisite! That poor, frustrated sub…

    O x

  17. Love this! You are elegance 🙂

    Rebel xox

  18. Yay! How wonderful to and hear you in action! Xx

  19. Bee

    Wonderfully enticing!

  20. Bruce

    Contrary to modern fashion (fixation?), I’ve always felt that udders belong on cows. To me your breasts are the absolutely perfect size – I drool every time I see them so nicely pictured.

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