Modestly Burnt #Boobday Friday

“All things in moderation!” is my motto . . . as I’m sure you can imagine!!!

But I rather forgot myself on holiday last summer, and simply wasn’t moderate
. . . or modest . . . enough in the first few days of enjoying the sun.

So I had to spend a little more time under the water, until I became more acclimatised. After-all, it’s most important to protect one’s nipples, isn’t it !!!

Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us.  With confidence comes power and with power comes confidence.

Be sure to visit . . . and why not join-in . . .  Boobday sharing, this and every Friday, by clicking on Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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5 Responses to Modestly Burnt #Boobday Friday

  1. Alexis

    Yes, all things in moderation – including both moderation and modesty, of course. 😉

    A beautiful photo indeed!

  2. *lets mind wander back to last summer….. Thanks for the reminder of all that lovely heat


  3. The thought of burnt nipples are made me wince…

    A lovely and inviting picture

  4. Not long till summer… I say optimistically! Lovely image 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Lovely holiday photo….and yes I can see you got a little too much sun. Water looks very refreshing and soothing against sunkissed skin

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