Modesty’s “Further Adventures” #wickedwednesday

When I first began posting pages here at the end of 2011, the purpose of my Modesty Ablaze blog was almost as a form of therapeutic release.

Well . . . release AND celebration.

Release, because I can’t deny that it was a thrill to satisfy that exhibitionist streak within that we all have, and finally be able to share “anonymously” some of the personal diaries that I’d been writing for years and years.

But also a celebration, because I so often wanted to shout-out to many of my “normal” friends, that one shouldn’t be ashamed of, our sexual feelings or desires. And that if we all talked about, and expressed those more openly with our partners, it just may lead their relationships to places they’d never imagined
. . . as it had for myself.

At that time I didn’t actually have the courage to tell any of my friends that for years I had been meeting several different lovers, all over the same period of time, and with the complete knowledge and acceptance of my Hubby. And that I had been keeping a record of every meeting in my diaries . . . but sharing some of those diary entries on my blog, made me at least feel as though I had told them.

And to my absolute surprise, within the first month of those initial postings, I began receiving emails asking for more . . . and then several suggestions that I should self-publish them as Ebooks. I originally replied that my posts were just journal entries that probably wouldn’t best suit the format of a proper book, but after being assured that they surely would . . . I decided to “at least give it a try”.

It took me a little while of course . . . but eventually I had three short diary compilations on Amazon, and was amazed to start receiving regular requests to publish more.

I kept promising myself . . . and all those responders who kept asking over the following (three !!!) years . . . that I would publish more from my “archives” just as soon as I could find the time.

I did manage to publish several, short, diary excerpts on Gumroad. But despite several “starts” at compiling a longer, more complete book from my diaries, I just couldn’t get one finished. Life seemed to get busier and busier . . . not just with the normal everyday routines of work and family . . . but with new adventures and fun experiences to explore!

However last year I received a lovely series of emails, and subsequently a wonderfully flattering review on a French literature website La Bauge littéraire, that made me determined to publish another compilation of my diary entries “before the year was out”.

I failed of course! But . . . eventually and finally . . . “Further Adventures – Part 6 of The Modesty Ablaze Diaries” . . . has made it up into the ether-world of Amazon and Gumroad.

And, unlike my previous compilations which were random excerpts, “Further Adventures” is a chronological, virtually “cut and pasted”, sequence of diary entries from the same period as “Part 1 – The Journey”.

And, featuring as it does, several of my earliest “acquaintances” . . . it fits perfectly with today’s theme at Wicked Wednesday of “Ex-Lovers” (although one of the gentlemen mentioned remains a close friend to this day).

But . . . for much more recent thoughts on “Ex-Lovers” than mine . . . simply tap on the rainbow button below!!!


Xxx – K


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4 Responses to Modesty’s “Further Adventures” #wickedwednesday

  1. Great explanations about release and celebration – and of course I agree to be a sex blogger we all have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in us. I love your photos but i also have so much enjoyed your writing – long may it continue 😉

  2. It’s so wonderful that people have asked you to publish more! And yes, we are all exhibitionists in some or other way 😉

    Rebel xox

  3. I love your reflections on your beginnings and how things have progressed since then. Thank you for having brought us along for the ride. May it continue to be as wild and wonderful as you, my friend.

  4. Jo

    This is so exciting! I love the idea of sexy diary turned book; you are carrying on a great tradition. xx

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