Neighbourly Love #wickedwednesday

This week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Neighbours” and it got me thinking this morning, not so much of the people next door, but rather neighbours as in a sense of community and like-mindedness. A sharing of thoughts and experiences, trials and tribulations, adventures and celebrations with people of, broadly speaking of course, similar interests.

I started Modesty Ablaze-ing here, all those years ago, for just those very reasons . . . to celebrate the wonderful sense of empowerment and enjoyment my “lifestyle” had given me. I wanted to shout to all who may listen, that it shouldn’t matter what size and shape we are, what different desires or fantasies we may have . . . or what we may feel the expectations or pressures from those around us are. I wanted to scream out that we all have the right, the necessity actually, to enjoy those things that make us feel good. To enjoy our sexuality . . . to embrace and express it. And, that as long as our relationships and interactions with our “neighbours” were honest and consensual . . . and responsible . . . then we shouldn’t feel ashamed about having fun.

And over the years those feelings have been strengthened through this wonderful neighbourly community . . . meeting on-line, and in-person, some simply lovely people . . . so I wanted to take this opportunity to say “thank you for sharing” to just some of them.

So, in no particular order of excitement . . .

@kay_jaybee  – the most arousing and evocative erotic writing I have ever read and re-read . . . and read all over again!

Cindy Gallop of @Makelovenotporn  – the most inspirational and motivational public speaker and advocate of sexual freedom of expression, I have ever heard.

@holden_cammie – stylish and inspiring photo-shoots and backdrops.

@girlonthenet  – always entertaining, amusing and wonderfully direct “wordage”.

@Exposing40  – constantly creative and empowering photos.

@RebelsNotes  Marie Rebelle and Molly @Mollysdailykiss  for their fun Meme’s and awesome energy and ability to post daily on so many different views and subject-matter.

@TabithaErotica  for her passionate writing, artistry and photos on all things erotica.

@BibulousOne  his Pain as Pleasure postings are so intelligently descriptive of not just the physical, but more importantly, the psychological and emotional aspect of submission and domination.

@sassycat38  for her fun, and inspiring, approach to her photos . . . oh and those incredible eyes (and amazing collection of shoes).

@ZenNudist  aka @Kilted_Wookie   – interesting, intriguing, insightful writings . . . and, I’m not normally one for a hairy-chest, but this gentleman’s photo-posts often prove the exception to my rule.

@ElliottHenry5  of The Life of Elliott – general naughtiness and sense of fun
. . . and “penile-adventurousness”

So, if you are not already familiar with any of the above Neighbours, I urge you to investigate and introduce yourself!!!

For more sharing thoughts and experiences of Neighbours visit this week’s Wicked Wednesday by knocking on the button below!!!


Xxx – K


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10 Responses to Neighbourly Love #wickedwednesday

  1. Awww. This absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for the mention. You took this weeks theme to a creative direction.
    Your positivity and playness are inspiring. Truly glad we’ve gotten to know each on here.

  2. Just a great post – your preface is excellent and your choices for neghbours couldn’t be better

  3. Lovely hapy photo Modesty and fine supportive words about the community you so enjoy and inhabit.

  4. Alexis

    Love the smile, the pose and the post!

  5. Oh thank you so much! This is such a great way to use the prompt of this week!

    Rebel xox

  6. What a wonderful joyful and celebratory post! And how thrilled am I to get a mention!
    I come to your place on this big ol internet to get my special Modesty fix of utter joie de vivre! You are like a beacon of light and sensuality and I adore you ???

  7. So many great blogs and people there! And a couple that are new to me too. I will definitely check them out, thanks!
    Aurora x

  8. Lovely post, it’s the perfect time of year to acknowledge our communities whatever they may be! Love the pose!

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