A Modest Question #sinfulsunday

“Favourite colour?” I asked, as I always do with a new sub, as we prepared
for his first session during the week.

“Black” he foolishly stammered from his rightful position kneeling before me.

“Wrong answer!!!” I laughed flexing my cane, amazed that he hadn’t
picked-up on the obvious clues.

“MY favourite colour is . . . RED” I exclaimed, emphasising the word ‘red’,
with several swishes of the cane. “And you’ll gratefully accept every bit of red
I give you . . . won’t you???”

And he did . . . in fact he seemed to enjoy all of what I gave so much,
that I wondered if his answer had been cleverer than I’d first assumed!

For more thoughtful Questions and Answers at this week’s Sinful Sunday
just swish, swish, tap on the rather inviting lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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19 Responses to A Modest Question #sinfulsunday

  1. Very fun photo! I love the pop of blue against your skin, and the “toy soldier” militaresque look over all.

    (And RED is definitely my favorite color! 😀 )

  2. Violet

    Like a snapshot out of an erotic fantastical Sgt. Pepper’s daydream.

  3. oh yes – you go Modesty! Red through and through…

  4. You look so fantastic. That outfit is glorious


  5. Does that appendage come in pink too ? ?

  6. slave sindee

    lovely and i do enjoy Red
    blue is hot on You

  7. Red is great and so is blue. Together they are amazing. Love this image xx

  8. Not a fan of canes, but digging the ringleader vibe.

  9. Fabulous oufit and I love the look on your face works so well with the pose and the prose!
    I’d like a closeup of the footwear if I may!
    Indie x

    • Thank you . . . I do now have a “Shoe Fetish” page actually which you can get to from the list under the “Gallery” heading near the top of my side-bar. It has just a few photos of my shoe-collection at the moment. But I will be adding more!!!
      Xxx – K

  10. Quite a stunning look you have to go with your favorite color.

  11. You look absolutely stunning and I’m sure his favorite color now is red too 😉

    Rebel xox

  12. Ooo you remind me of a ringmaster in this shot! A very sexy ringmaster. I can see why someone would have been tempted to reply with the wrong colour!
    Aurora x

  13. What a startling costume. You look fantastic.

  14. You are a diabolical beauty! I love your pose, your jacket, the contrast of the blue and red.

  15. Ooooh the red seriously pops against the blue x

  16. Jo

    Hahahahahaha – “Wrong answer!” Asking questions that you know a sub is going to give a wrong answer to is such a fun way to discipline! Also, you look AMAZING in that outfit – I especially love the red harness.

  17. How spectacular is this outfit?! Amazing! Xx

  18. Bee

    What an outfit, I love the circus ring leader feel to it, keeping all your ‘acts’ thoroughly in line.

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