Modestly Over Exposed #sinfulsunday

I’ve never been very good with photography . . . so this week’s Sinful Sunday theme of “Over Exposed” has left me at a complete loss! Especially as I had an important function . . . a Friday Fun Function actually . . . in a lovely hotel directly overlooking Waterloo station last night, which meant I just haven’t had the time to give photography much thought this weekend.
Though, of course, I did indulge in Over Exposure of a different sort!!!

Now we often hear of complaints about train delays and cancellations don’t we? But although I was quite busy and not really paying too much attention, I must say I was very impressed! It seemed that every time I glanced down, another train was arriving or departing. “Just like cock-work” I said at one point.
“Oh, I meant clock-work, I shouldn’t be speaking with my mouthful.” I quickly corrected myself.

And I could quite clearly see a sense of satisfaction . . . and appreciation . . . on the faces of some of the passengers in their seats as they reached the climax of their journey.

Even through our sound-proofed windows (just as well!!!) . . . I’m sure I heard the Station Master announcing “The 19.45 Express from Waterloo is about to . . . depart from Platform 14. Calling at . . . ”

But anyway . . . to bring things back on track . . . if we click on the lips below we are sure to find the sort of Over Exposed that Molly really had in mind for this week’s theme!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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27 Responses to Modestly Over Exposed #sinfulsunday

  1. Violet

    I think you nailed it!

  2. These are amazing <3 Each week you never fail to give me a good giggle ! I seriously admire your balls 😀 x

  3. I LOVE these pictures. What a fabulous room with a view


  4. This one earned a genuine smile and laugh. And the climax of pulling into Waterloo will never be quite the same again for me.

  5. sassycoupleok

    Gave you a like on twitter as well. All the pics are fantastic but # 3 is so delicious !!!

  6. Jo

    You win, K! You are the Queen of the Puns. <3 Super hot photos!

  7. Fabulous. You are really good at sucking a cock ~ many different cocks. <3

  8. kissmegoodnitex

    I think this wins over exposed…haha love it!!!

  9. Oh wow. What a location! I want to do photos in that room too! And those photos are super hot. Xx

  10. You never fail to tickle my… er funny bone. But then I can see you are good at doing that!
    Indie xx

  11. Stations used to be ideal places to ‘blow off’ a little steam, or anyone else I guess. And, assuming a UK station, it is not very likely to cum early, although this particular occasion might prove the exception! ?

  12. Bloody brilliant Modesty x

  13. Ha – great. I have a favourite little hotel with a window overlooking Kings Cross that has been used for similar scenes

  14. Wow! I love a room with this kind of view. Looks like you were having a lot of fun!

  15. those windows!!!! Don’t they just inspire naughty behavior? I had some moments like this myself last week. well done 🙂

  16. Over exposed in the best possible way!

  17. Molly is spot on ! Room with view ! “Just like cock-work” clever

  18. Oh wow this is so cool and actually one of my own unfulfilled fantasies. Huge kudos for your bravery ❤

    Candy xx

  19. It looks like you had a great time!
    Love the location where this was done/taken 🙂

    Rebel xox

  20. As always so brilliant and so funny! I don’t think anyone can blame you for enjoying a night like this over mastering photography lol! It’s a very similar scenario to one of my favourite fantasies actually.
    Aurora x

  21. You are such fun! I think that this fits the theme perfectly!

  22. Gloria

    I totally envy your lifestyle. You always have such amazing fun. 🙂

  23. slave sindee


  24. Knightsky

    These are brilliant. Your amazing woman 🙂 😉

  25. Bee

    Now this is my kind of over exposure!

  26. Marc


    Great location and super photos.

    Love the stocking too.

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