Modesty’s Sinful Sofa #sinfulsunday

Since I mentioned coming across lots of roadside Abandoned Furniture during our Grecian summer vacation earlier this year, I’ve received several messages with locations of similar “abandonments” here in the UK.

Whilst most have been too far afield . . . this morning I learnt about a black leather sofa which was actually quite local.
And you know just how much I love black leather!!!

But no, I wasn’t tempted to sit and lounge . . . it looked a litte too “used” for that.
And anyway I wasn’t sure whether the owner might be stepping back outside
to add the rest of the suite!

Though if they had done, I would have certainly instructed them to dispose of it more responsibly, rather than causing such unnecessary and sinful sights
on a public pavement!!!

For more sinful sights . . . of a much more responsible nature I’m sure . . .
simply push the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

As I already have a Sofa on my Scavenger Hunt pages, I’m thinking I may start a separate “Abandoned Furniture” category on my Exposé Vŭ pages.
Please feel free to add your own.

Xxx – K


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16 Responses to Modesty’s Sinful Sofa #sinfulsunday

  1. OMG! what a clever idea for a background. Your photos are always so daring and bold….very exciting.
    Sidenote; in my town, the trash man will take just about anything, however they prefer that the furniture be broken up so that it is easier to toss into the trash bin. NO one ever does that, I feel bad for the trash man. They can refuse to pickup anyone’s rubbish as well.

  2. I have concluded that the last photo is your signature pose. Tits out, hands on hips and left foot pointed out. Love it!!!!!!

  3. I admire your audaciousness Modesty. I also admire your gorgeous smile and wonderful body.

  4. Just great – the sofa, you naked but I really also love that car in the background. So real. Brilliant

  5. Love it! You look like you’re conducting an abandoned furniture investigation in the 2nd photo. Only naked lol!
    Aurora x

  6. You naughty girl you! You always look so damn sexy in your shots 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. I’m always astounded by your ability to get such amazing public shots! I can’t help wondering if someone was peeking at you through a nearby window. And I love the trench coat – sort of (not-so) undercover spy!
    Indie x

  8. The shot with your foot on the sofa, reminds me of a conquering hero pose – Modesty came, she saw, she conquered…

  9. This is brilliant. I have an abandoned bath shot on my blog which features both me and Exposing 40. I also have some of me on a sofa in a river but those are yet to find their way to my blog and of course the abandoned cables from last Sunday


  10. slave sindee

    sweet sexy photos

  11. I love these images! They are so daring and bold. People around here are also always leaving old furniture out on the sidewalk.

  12. Jo

    I used to take photos of abandoned furniture all over Korea because there was just SO much of it – never occurred to me to take photos in the nude by the furniture! Tut, tut – tons of missed opportunities. 🙂

  13. Bee

    Wow! What a find and I love your boldness!

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