Modest Withdrawal #wickedwednesday

“I think it’s actually brand-new you know.” I said to Hubby. “I’m positive it wasn’t here last year”.
“Yes, you’re right” he replied, “the concrete looks like
it’s not even properly set yet!”

“Oh and look, the flashing message on the screen is saying something about using ‘The latest digital-recognition-technology'” I told him.

“You don’t think that blue-button is secretely taking photos do you?” I asked
as I spun around, suddenly worried about my card details. “You know I don’t like these machines . . . I always have problems with withdrawals“.

“No of course not,” he replied. “That just means the way it reads the hologram
on your card. Just quickly tap-in your number otherwise it will be declined.
You said we needed cash for cool drinks at the Taverna next door.”

He was right of course, and a cool drink was certainly more important than worrying about holograms and cameras!

But I know holograms are being discussed more seriously at this week’s
Wicked Wednesday so why don’t you join me over there by tapping on
the button below!!!


I’ve already visited an ATM in my Scavenger Hunt travels, but this one was such a nice location that I just have to add it to my Exposé Vŭ pages.

Xxx – K


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8 Responses to Modest Withdrawal #wickedwednesday

  1. Fantastic – Once again you have left me with a smile on my face – Thank You!

  2. You constantly made me smile with your boldness and the fact you are clearly having a fabulous time taking these pictures


  3. Wow – how do you manage to get these pics – all the ATM’s I’m familiar with are in busy shopping areas! Very fun, thanks for sharing!
    Indie x

  4. sassycoupleok

    Out of money, out of clothes and quick withdrawals make Wednesday “Wicked” indeed and fun. Love it.

  5. I love these colorful pics!

    Rebel xox

  6. slave sindee

    very nice photos You are beautiful

  7. Oh the fun of finding a place where we can enjoy some freedom to be exposed. I don’t know about there but here the machine takes pictures every so many seconds so I am sure the person seeing them was pleasantly surprised by your display

  8. That was cute. The locals must look forward to your return visits.

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