A Modest Stroll #sinfulsunday

As the weather begins to draw in, one has to make the most of
a sunny Saturday morning . . .

. . . and enjoy a quiet and peaceful stroll in the park.

But I know I am sure to find a little more hustle and bustle later on
by tapping on those Sinful Sunday lips below!

Sinful Sunday


The weather for my stroll today was much nicer than my previous Stroll in the Park at my Scavenger Hunt pages. So nice in fact that I’m adding it to my Exposé Vŭ pages to remind myself to revisit it again in the future.

Xxx – K


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18 Responses to A Modest Stroll #sinfulsunday

  1. eye

    I was going to ask if it is eternally summer where you are? This post answers that question ☺️

  2. A beautiful setting in more ways than one. You look like a Grecian statue.

  3. All that amazing green foliage around you – like eve in the garden of Eden ;-0

  4. Oh yes this is my kind of stroll


  5. Glorious and beautiful as always

  6. This is definitely the way we should stroll… always 😉


    Rebel xox

  7. Beautiful shots <3 Agree with others – you def look like you are Eden – strolling around looking to misbehave x

  8. I want to be beside you, strolling

  9. The vividness of the greenery is breathtaking.

  10. This is beautiful. So lush and vibrant. Xx

  11. Krystal

    That feeling of being naked in open nature… scintilating !!

  12. Jo

    What vibrant, verdant scenery – and you look stunning in it. Everything looks so alive in these photos – even your flesh has a warm, radiant tone.

  13. Bee

    I do love an afternoon stroll.

  14. Wow what a beautiful place to take such a stroll and capture some photographs! Definitely looks like the perfect Saturday morning to me!
    Aurora x

  15. Yes, one does. Lovely photo xx

  16. Putting the “great” into the great outdoors!

    As is your wont.

    Lovely photos!

  17. neing free in nature is a great feeling, and you have expressed that so well here

  18. Looks like a lovely place to stroll and to rest and??

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