Wash Day Blues #sinfulsunday

“I can’t believe you want to wash clothes on holiday,” said Hubby, “you’ve barely worn a stitch all week!”

“It’s not clothes you plonk” I said as I carried the laundry bag down the steps he’d led me to. “The beach towels are all stained from lotion . . . AND where you had your . . . you know your . . . explosion!” I replied.

“Well, you got me so excited and worked-up, I just couldn’t stop myself!!!” he snapped back. “Anyway, according to the guide-book, this place has stone tubs fed by underground natural spring-water, where the local women have done their washing for decades”.

“What you mean this one trough . . . and piddly little jet of water?” I exclaimed. “You mean to say this is it ???”

“And look!” I shouted. “I told you last year that fucking guide-book of yours was years out-of-date.  You’ve dragged me all the way down here and it says ‘Washing Prohibited’ !!!”

Needless to say, the laundry bag wasn’t the only thing that was blue . . . black and blue actually . . . before he made it back to the apartment!!!

There are bound to more blue shapes and tones on view this Sinful Sunday,
from spanking the lips below!

Sinful SundayI don’t suppose this will qualify for the Laundrette Category at
Jade’s Scavenger Hunt . . . but I wonder if there may possibly be a “washing your dirty laundry in public???” category.

But there are lots of other Scavenger Hunt categories at my
Scavenger Listings page . . . and now over 100 different locations on
my Scavenger Slideshow page as well . . . why don’t you join me there.
Come on . . . Dare to Bare . . . it is lots of fun!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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17 Responses to Wash Day Blues #sinfulsunday

  1. yay you sure know how to do the washing Really like all the blue tones in the pics

  2. Gloria

    You always bring a smile to my sunday mornings 🙂 🙂

  3. Hahaha. That’s great.

  4. It seems old guides books had a price to be paid well after the fact.

  5. Once again a fun story and great images 🙂

    Rebel xox

  6. Damn this is a funny one! Look at all that blue, well done, you two.

  7. Jo

    Ha! I ran into a lot of backpackers on my trip who washed their own clothes; it would take them hours and they’d never *quite* get clean… I imagine beach towels would be even more difficult! Never trust a guide book! ><

  8. A very entertaining post as always! I always love your Sinful Sunday entries! Seems it was fortunate that you hadn’t worn much all week lol
    Aurora x

  9. I ALWAYS look forward to your posts Ms Modesty ?
    This is such a great story too x x

  10. Yay for a Scavenger Hunt using blue!

  11. LOL you posts are brilliant – they always make me giggle x

  12. Jan and Gary

    Love your humour, lovely lady. You make our day.

    Jan&Gary ❤️?

  13. Cat

    Too funny.
    Your photos & stories are always so much fun.

  14. Old guide books can sometimes reveal hidden gems but they can also be horribly wrong too


  15. Bee

    I do love the stories that go with your posts and the amazing locations you find too!

  16. Your posts never fail to make me smile! And you look beautiful against the backdrop of that blue wall. Wonderful!

  17. This story made me chuckle! Xx

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