A Modest Kneed #sinfulsunday

Sometimes . . . when one’s submissives have purposefully, and willfully, misbehaved . . . there is nothing else for it but a firm, over-the-knee spanking!!!

And, once I’ve finished here, I shall visit this week’s Sinful Sunday, from smacking the lips below, to check-out everyone else’s needs and desires.
Though only . . . as I say . . . once I’ve finished here!

Sinful SundayXxx – K


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19 Responses to A Modest Kneed #sinfulsunday

  1. KP

    Oh, yes, wonderfully red. Lovely stuff.

  2. I love a good spanking across my man’s knee – great

  3. If I ever get back to England, this is the first place I will come (or is that cum?). Maybe just not for this activity.

  4. OH! So envious of you!
    I’m sure you both enjoyed yourselves.

  5. Jan and Gary

    You’re a wonderfully controlling lady, Modesty.
    Would love to see G spanked by you as I watch.


  6. Great image.
    I wouldn’t mind bending over for a spanking 😉

    Rebel xox

  7. He must have been very naughty because you seem to have punished him a lot! I wonder if that will modify his behavior in future? I suspect not.

  8. Modesty I always love your pics – am especially drawn to the ball-tie in this one. Super-hot. x

  9. Loving those red cheeks and the look on your face. Great shot

  10. Please finish! 🙂 Then come visit anytime! You are just as lovely as your image! I’d love to see Marie over your knee – btw. Awesome…

  11. You are right, sometimes a damn good over the knee spanking is required!


  12. Shit, I miss OTK so much. Or any beating really.

  13. Jo

    OTK spankings are my favorite! I love the red ribbon tied around his bits.

  14. You always put a smile on my face with your Sinful Sundays! It looks as though you give a very thorough spanking! Great photo!
    Aurora x

  15. I agree sometimes giving a good otk spanking is what is needed. Can’t help but wonder if you’re trying to match his bottom to the red ribbon around his cock and balls.

  16. Quite a glow there! How much longer did you take to finish?! Xx

  17. I love the look on your face x

  18. Bee

    I love how his cheeks are just starting to match the ribbon his balls are tied with.

  19. Paul

    Wishing that was me on your nee Modesty. 😉

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