Modestly Aeronautical #sinfulsunday

A glass of wine . . . or two . . . helps of course, but I do get frightfully bored on aeroplanes. My mind starts to wander . . . and I start having “naughty” thoughts.

Like perhaps . . . doing one of Zoe’s (Sex Is My New Hobby) wonderful
Mile High posts at Boobday Friday!
But it’s always so cramped in aeroplane toilets, I thought it might be easier
if I took off my shirt here in my seat and just wore my scarf.

Oooh just imagine the sort of . . . aero-naughty-cal, aviatricks . . . one could
get up to in here.

Mmm . . . it’s making me all wobbly just thinking about it!

Oh my Goodness . . . someone’s knocking on the door asking if I dropped my scarf as I walked down the aisle!!!

Anyway, fully recovered, and with my scarf returned, waiting in the Transit Lounge for the next leg of our journey, I swear I just heard those young men behind me say they are playing ‘Scavenger Hunt’ on their phones!!!

But, I think I shall just indulge the airport’s wi-fi by flying over to this week’s Sinful Sunday from the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxx – K

P.S. Hopefully those two young men may eventually find my “aero-nautics” in the Aeroplane category at Jades Scavenger Hunt pages.
And don’t forget, there are lots of other Scavenger Hunt excursions at
my Scavenger Listings page . . . and over 100 different locations on
my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxxx – K


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17 Responses to Modestly Aeronautical #sinfulsunday

  1. eye

    This made me smile. Enjoy wherever you are off too!

  2. Ha! What a great sequence. Love the one on the plane especially

  3. You have managed to make flying seem like fun!

  4. If those young men only knew what a scavenger hunt really could be. I’m sure you could ‘teach’ them a thing or two.

  5. Booking my flight ticket now to recreate the fun! What a great set of photographs, a huge smiley face here.

  6. This is a scavenger hunt location I have always wanted to get but so far we have not managed it and I doubt we will this summer either as we will be traveling with family. One day though I am determined


  7. Ohh, what lovely and fun images.

  8. Definitely got to try this some time. Wonderful set of photos xx

  9. Hee – your images always make me giggle. Hope you have a ball wherever you are off to x

  10. Another great scavenger hunt and your words definitely put a smile on my face. I would love to hear the reactions of those two men if and when they find you 😉

    Rebel xox

  11. Bee

    Ooooh, I now have to replan the outfit I had intended to wear on my flights this week. Let’s hope we have a quiet Flight!

  12. Gloria

    Your photos & stories are always such fun & daring. They bring so much joy & happiness. Truly an amazing lady 🙂 🙂

  13. Alexis

    Would that I had been able to behold such visions of loveliness on my recent flight back from Auckland. 🙂

  14. I love the way you look happier, the less you’re wearing!

    well done!

    And brilliant photos!

  15. Given how much I fly for work I can’t believe I’ve never done a mile high Sinful Sunday. I must rectify this! Great shots! Xx

  16. I love your photo stories and this is fantastic! Especially you getting tits out in your seat! Fantastic!

  17. I have thought about “airplane” many times, but oddly, I always envisioned being OUTSIDE the plane, and had no idea how to accomplish that. Now I have a new (more reasonable) goal…when is my next flight? 😀

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