The Bridal Balcony #wickedwednesday

Weddings are wonderful occasions aren’t they! And I’ve just returned from a lovely week abroad, celebrating a very lavish one indeed!

Of course there is always lots of preparation involved . . . even when one isn’t the bride-to-be!

But I found the best way to start the morning was to step out onto our lovely hotel balcony, and catch some morning sun before leaving for the church.

And yes . . . of course I wore a fascinator . . . though not the same one that I wore for my own wedding photos all those #polaroidspast years ago!!!

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Xxx – K


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6 Responses to The Bridal Balcony #wickedwednesday

  1. Of course you should start such a morning in style 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Paul

    Your the most beautiful woman ever 😉

  3. Jan and Gary

    Dear Modesty:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Weddings can be so nice.
    We have been to several nice nude weddings over the years as nudists.
    Your balcony pic was a wonderful way for us meet the morning here.
    Love your posts and pics.

    Jan & Gary?❤️

  4. You have so much fun! Great start to the day, yes!

  5. Definitely a great way to make sure you’re glowing for a big day!! Weddings that also = a holiday are also for the win! Xx

  6. A lovely way to start the day


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