A Modest Shoe Fetish #sinfulsunday

It’s always exciting whenever I meet someone who share’s my fetish for shoes!

And I enjoy that real sense of sharing even more . . .

When I can tell that my choice of footwear is obviously being appreciated!

In fact it often makes me want to just . . .

Jump for joy . . . up and down . . . and over and over again !!!

I’m sure there will be lots more joyful excitement to be found this
Sinful Sunday, by stomping on the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxx – K


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15 Responses to A Modest Shoe Fetish #sinfulsunday

  1. Yikes!
    My cock is trying to run away and hide. LOL!
    Great images though – for various values of great. 😛

  2. I don’t have a cock but it still made me winch… however clearly he is having a very good time


  3. sassycoupleok

    We don’t think anything can describe or portray the “agony and the ecstasy” any more beautifully than these wonderful photos. Obviously this beautiful penis and balls is enduring and enjoying both. While the wearer of those fantastic shoes is no doubt quite happy with the outcum. 🙂

  4. Did you cut a hole in a ping pong table??? That is wild.

  5. Ouch… I do however , enjoy the story the goes along with the images

  6. I absolutely can honestly say this is one of the most outstanding series of images I have seen, when I saw the initial top photograph I believed it was a mould! OMG

  7. OMG. I had to look to check that some poor guy isn’t lying face up under the floor! 🙂

  8. It definitely seems your choice of footwear is being appreciated there! As always a brilliant series of photos! And I love the shoes <3
    Aurora x

  9. Lovely shoes. Are those spikes on the heals? Oh, yes. Very nice.

  10. sub

    love this, would love this..!

  11. ohhhh i wanna do this so much to a man!!! i do hope you enjoyed yourself and that he did as well 😉

  12. These are incredible, K! Holden could only handle looking at the first two, but you had my full attention for the entire series! 😉 ~C

  13. Oh my gosh. I’m not sure what else to say. I’m, great shoes?!?! Xx

  14. Bee

    Congratulations on making the Beekeeper wince!

  15. Oh my, this made me winch… but I still love the images.

    Rebel xox

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