Modestly finding #eroticon 2017

During our morning stroll last Saturday Hubby and I had discussed several different routes to Eroticon 2017 this weekend.

Well . . . I’m so happy to say . . . we made it !!!

And we had a simply fabulous time . . . attending some wonderfully fun
and interesting sessions . . . and meeting some wonderfully fun and
interesting people. I’m already looking forward to next year!!!

But, in the meantime, I hope you will join me at this week’s Sinful Sunday, by tapping the lips below, for yet more weekend fun and enlightenment!

Sinful SundayXxx – K


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13 Responses to Modestly finding #eroticon 2017

  1. We’d love to be going wherever YOU are going! ~C

  2. Thank you! Ditto! LOL !!!
    Enjoyed our day at Eroticon so much that I wanted to go back later in the evening . . . but the gentleman on security said it was closed for the night!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Glad you made it, and shared such a memorable shot! Have fun!

  4. So sorry I missed you at Eroticon. Next year 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.
    Loved following your adventures on twitter.
    Love ya!

  6. I’m sure I recognise that background lol! Gorgeous photo as always! And as always admire your bravery and freedom.
    Aurora x

  7. Eroticon will never be the same!

  8. I’d be disappointed if I didn’t see your lovely body capturing a candid naked moment at Eroticon.

  9. Hurrah. I did wonder if you would get an Eroticon pic and you did!


  10. I always eagerly await your photographs, they make me grin with delight as well as seeing some lovely sights! I hooted with laughter when naturally you managed to incorporate Eroticon. Great to meet you

  11. So glad that I got to say the briefest hello on the Friday evening.

  12. Bee

    I am bringing my coat next year!

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