Marking Milestones #wickedwednesday

Life is full of milestones . . . and I think we probably worry far too much about many of them. Especially reaching that mystical No. 50 !!!

But actually my recent Highlights  Wicked Wednesday post . . . and the fact that Eroticon 2017 is just two weeks away . . . reminded me of when I reached that particular milestone!

Because it was at Eroticon 2013, after attending his wonderful “Erotic Photography Session”, that I nervously approached John Tisbury and asked him if I could commission a private session with him. It was to be Hubby’s birthday gift to me (or one of them!!!) . . .  and it marked what turned into a simply wonderful year.

A year which far from marking an “all downhill from here” sort of feeling, turned into the start of wonderful new adventures and experiences which have developed and continued and in fact spiralled onwards and upwards ever since.

A year in which incredible friendships blossomed and bloomed into what I’m sure will be life-long relationships and liaisons.

And a year in which my modesty really seemed to be set fully ablaze.

So “Frightening 50?” became “Fabulous and Fun 50!” . . . and it just get’s better and better as every year passes.

And as “50” is this week’s theme at, lovely birthday girl, Marie’s Wicked Wednesday, there’s bound to be lots more Fabulous and Fun 50’s to discover by tapping the button below!


Xxx – K

Oh and P.S. – Huge thanks to the lovely, lovely John Tisbury for one of those 50th Birthday photos above!!!


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7 Responses to Marking Milestones #wickedwednesday

  1. you are Fabulous at any age! this is a fabulous look at you! i think hubby was the one who got the gift. yes i am typing only handed exclamation marks are hard to do. back to the photo

  2. I absolutely adore all your postings and images, you fun and zest shines through

  3. First of all, this is a stunning image! You really look so beautiful in it. I am sad that I won’t see you at Eroticon, but next year we will be there. I will take my lead from you and know that the 50’s just keep on getting better 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. This photo is fantastic, and you look AMAZING! ~C

  5. life has so many milestones and each one special in it’s own way. I hope you have many more years marked with milestones and adventures

  6. skingraphy

    Very well shot… love the lighting and of course your body…

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