Kneel #wickedwednesday


This week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is all about Anthems . . . I wonder if you can think of which line, from our own, that I might be thinking as I . . . ???

Possibly there may be some clues, or prompts, from tapping, respectfully please, on the button below!


Xxx – K


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9 Responses to Kneel #wickedwednesday

  1. Bklynny0856

    Yes, ma’am. Whatever you wish.

  2. You will have to tell me which line it is, but damn… sexy photo!

    Rebel xox

  3. Jan and Gary

    You’ve got us at the end of our line, Modesty! ??

  4. Jo

    No idea what the line is, but the photo is hot AF!

  5. Paul

    your my queen so will always kneel in front of you 😉

  6. So . . . what I was thinking as I prepared to thrust . . . was
    Send her victorious . . . happy and glorious !!!

    Xxx – K

  7. “Long to reign over us”
    Ad looking glorious whilst she is doing it too


  8. Sorry, any lines from any song flew out of my head when I saw this. 🙂 Very nice!

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