Modesty’s Lighthouse #sinfulsunday


“Are you sure this is a Lighthouse?” I asked Hubby. “I thought Lighthouses were tall and have those big mirror thingys on the top?”

“Well the guidebook say’s it’s a quite famous Lighthouse. And look, it does have a blinking light on the top!” he replied.


“Well that blinking guidebook of yours just seems to keep bringing us to places where there are always loads of other people about!
You know I don’t like crowds when I’m on my holiday!” I snapped back.


“Mind you, at least it’s a bit cooler here in the shade.” I admitted after I’d walked round to the other side.


“In fact it is quite nice feeling that sea-breeze.” I said as I started to enjoy myself.


“Yes, I know it’s a nice view! . . . But you just concentrate on looking back down the path and make sure no-one else comes round the corner.” I told him.


“Oh, fucking hell!!! . . . There’s a boat pulling up behind you! Where did they come from? Didn’t you hear it coming?” I exclaimed.

“Well you told me to keep an eye on the path!” he shouted back. “I haven’t got eyes in the back of my head and anyway I’m sure they didn’t see you”.


“Of course they saw me you idiot! They were fucking pointing!” I hissed as I stormed down the steps back towards the path.

“Please don’t use that sort of language. We’re in a public place and it’s disrespectful to their culture.” he said, trying to calm me down. “And anyway, they were just waving. That’s what you do when you’re on a boat passing the shoreline. People always just wave from a boat.”


“They weren’t fucking waving! They were pointing!!!” I shouted at him as I marched down the path. “And don’t talk to me about being disrespectful! You weren’t the one standing half-naked in their public place! That’s probably far more disrespectful!!!”


“It’s not disrespectful” he said, still trying to calm me down. “They have all those marble statues all over the place, and they’re always half naked.” he went on. “And anyway the boat has sailed past now, so just relax.”

“Well, that’s as maybe” I replied, “but there’s more people at the end of the path now, so you can just find me a nice taverna and a nice glass of wine . . . and then
I might be able to relax!!!”

Anyway, you will probably find lots more half-naked and statuesque pictures . . . and possibly even some more bad-language . . . at this week’s Sinful Sunday by smacking the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

P.S. I did actually calm-down enough to agree with Hubby later that it was indeed a “Lighthouse” and would therefore be perfect for that category at Jades Scavenger Hunt pages . . . there are lots of other Scavenger Hunt “locations” at my Listings page . . . and now over 90 different locations on my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxxx – K


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12 Responses to Modesty’s Lighthouse #sinfulsunday

  1. Your stories that go with your scavenger pics always make me laugh! Nice find, the lighthouse 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. very cute, very sexy, very funny <3

  3. Jo

    You stories always light me up! I’m sure the people on the boat enjoyed the view of the… lighthouse. I sure did! x

  4. LOL your wee tantrum doesn’t show in the piccies. And since you are a beacon of light for many, it stands to reason that this was a lighthouse!

  5. LOVED the back-and-forth between you two during the process! We sometimes have the same sort of conversations, though it doesn’t often show in the finished product. Lovely shots, as always!

  6. Does a happy sigh at more awesome holiday photos!! On another note a friend of mine posted a photo of ‘jackass lane’ on Facebook this week. Made me think it needed a shot of you fooling around! Xx

  7. You always have so much fun!
    Best Photos!!!

  8. This made me laugh so much. I can just image the pair of you bickering over this


  9. Gloria

    Your bravery never ceases to amaze 🙂 🙂 The location looks fabulous too.

  10. Lucky boat passengers. They got light AND heat.
    And your husband’s right: by the standards of Greek statues, you’re overdressed.
    Lovely, cheerful photos!

  11. Bee

    You had me giggling again, I’m so glad we’re not the only ones bickering when scavenger hunting lol

  12. Jan and Gary

    Love your blog and stories, Modesty.
    You’re just like Gary & I. We love to take pics and push
    the limit in areas that have tourists nearby.
    Wish we could share naked time with you guys.

    Sunshine and luv

    Jan & Gary❤️

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