Modesty Ablaze “Forbidden Pleasures Part 1” video


“Forbidden Pleasures – Part 1” is my newest #realworldsex video from a simply amazing evening Hubby and I recently shared with our favourite kinky-friend Lover No.14.

Starting, as it always does with No.14, with a little rope play, things then got very, very wet as No.14’s fingers . . . and thumbs . . . had me squirting through orgasm after orgasm. So much so that I was completely saturated . . . as were the bedsheets!!!

And with my hands tied behind my head I couldn’t resist . . . not that I wanted to . . . as I was turned over onto my tummy for even more pulsing and exhausting climaxes!

Now, if you watch my introductory video from the screen picture above, you will hear me mentioning lots of other fun bits of our “Forbidden Pleasures” too.
But . . . in the interests of complete transparency (you know me!) I have to tell you that I obviously got quite carried away (you know me!) as I was chattering through my introduction and remembering all those fun things from the evening, because . . . some of them are not actually featured until “Part 2”.
But that will just give you something else to look forward to won’t it ???

Anyway, back to that first part of our evening together, recently previewed “Forbidden Pleasures Part 1” as:

When Modesty Ablaze, hubby, and lover no. 14 get together, you know it’s just going to be a simply amazing time. Quickly melting into a puddle of pleasure (both literally and figuratively), Modesty allows lover no. 14’s skillful hands do all the “work” while she enjoys waves of #realworldpleasure. Featuring a rope-a-licious “bikini top” and some slippery toytime, nothing beats Modesty’s laughing #realworldorgasms!!

You can view my short introduction to “Forbidden Pleasures Part 1” by clicking the preview screen at the top of this post . . . . . . and, as I mention in that video, if you register (it’s FREE) and watch the intro video directly from my MakeLoveNotPorn profile page there are some short Free Peek clips from the actual video itself at the end of my introduction.


There lots more screen shots and Free Peek links to all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP . . . and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex . . . from my “Why I Love Make Love Not Porn” introductory video (from March 2014) >here<.

“Forbidden Pleasures Part 1” is my 29th video released on Make Love Not Porn and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my twenty-nine #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

Make Love Not Porn

I really do hope you get as much fun . . . and arousal . . . from viewing “Forbidden Pleasures Part 1” as I . . . obviously . . . had making it!!!

Xxx – K

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  1. funcouple

    Incredible video lady. Your banter is fantastic and your laughter infectious. You really are a joy to behold.

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