Modesty and The Summer House . . . #scavengerhunt


The weather here in London has been so changeable recently . . . one minute rain and hail, the next bright sunshine. And it has made it so difficult for one to know what to wear when setting out for our Sunday morning walk.


So, having had to take shelter in the Regent’s Park Summer House from a heavy shower, I was particularly happy when the sun suddenly came out . . .


And it actually became quite humid and sticky. So humid and sticky that . . .
well . . . I just had to take my coat off and sit down for a cooling rest!!!

But I’m hoping my shelter-from-the-storm will qualify for a “Summer House” category at the #scavengerhunt page at Pieces of Jade’s,  new Scavenger Hunt.

You can join me on lots of my other excursions at my Scavenger Hunt Slideshow page >here<

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxxx – K


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3 Responses to Modesty and The Summer House . . . #scavengerhunt

  1. Great notch! I love how relaxed you look 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Gloria

    I know the summer house there, right in the middle of the park. You are so brave. ;] ;]

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