Is it something beginning with . . . C ?

This week’s theme at Sinful Sunday is to share ones most favourite thing! Well, goodness, I just couldn’t think . . . there are so, so many things I enjoy . . . although there is possibly one common-thread!!!

I’m sure you will discover lots and lots of other people’s favourites from sliding your . . . finger-tips? . . . over the Sinful Sunday lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxxx – K


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16 Responses to Is it something beginning with . . . C ?

  1. Kat

    Always love your playful pics!

  2. Most excellent images and it would be a favourite of mine if I had my hands on it!!

  3. Jo

    Oh my god – these are all fantastic!

  4. These are incredibly hot! I need a moment… 😉

  5. Really sexy, such a turn-on, incredibly erotic, really playful…. I think I may need to play a little now… Love the stiletto heel and cock shot… I really need to play now….

  6. I was going to venture a guess as to your favorite thing that begins with “c”, but I got distracted watching you playing with all those cocks, and now I’m spent.

  7. Fabulous slideshow – loving all cocktails and real cock, but the vegetable/fruit cock is sublime (melon/cucumber?). Xx

  8. These are all fantastic. I think my favorite would have to be the cock between your feet.

  9. Damn that is good…what a fabulous collection of cocks.


  10. So playful and fun! Love love love!

    Velvet x

  11. WoW… that was pretty cool!!! Loved the Umbrella Drink.

  12. Oh, oh yes. Cock is definitely one of my favourite things too!

  13. Well it’s no wonders you couldn’t choose! So many wonderful, and sinful, things! xoxo

  14. Very naughty..had to look more than once.

  15. Heaven

    Now those look all like fun favorites, it is hard choosing just one!

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