Top 100 Sex Bloggers for 2015


I’m late of course . . . I seem to be late with almost everything recently . . . so much to do, so many people to see!!!

But the annual Top 100 Sex Bloggers List is too important an item to let pass without mentioning . . . and applauding . . . all those involved with it’s preparation and production, (particularly the remarkable Molly) and all those Sex Bloggers listed (see below).

I will let Molly explain the history and ethos of the list >herewith< which I really do encourage you to read!

Now of course, lists, recommendations and compilations are always subjective aren’t they? What appeals to one person may be of no interest at all to another. But to me what is so important about the Top 100 Sex Bloggers List is that it is the perfect starting point for discovering a hugely diverse and entertaining group of people discussing, promoting, and most importantly in my view, celebrating  one’s sexuality in a way that it is never, ever approached in mainstream media.

And that is important in enlightening, educating and helping to hopefully remove all of the stigma, shame and guilt from what is, after all, the most basic and empowering of all of one’s natural emotions and instincts.

But enough of the preaching and finger-shaking from me . . . because none of us like too much of that do we? (Depends exactly where the finger is shaking actually!!!)

Anyway . . . just before listing Molly’s compilation below, I really wanted to take this opportunity to mention some of my favourite visiting places as well. Definitely not in any particular order of importance or preference, but just because when reading through a list of any kind it only seems natural to stop every-so-often and giggle and nod my head and say “Oh yes, I LOVE that one!” And I say “giggle” because usually for me, one of the most compelling reasons I return again and again to a particular blog, or website, is because it is FUN, because it makes me giggle and feel good about something.

And these people or places always make me feel good about something:

You Won’t Tame This Sassy Cat: – For her continually inspiring and wonderfully fun photos and wonderfully frank and honest stories and recollections! Not to mention that I’m always so envious of her most amazing collection of shoes . . . and the most stunning, captivating, sensuous eyes I have ever been looked at by!!!

Exposing 40: – A new discovery over the past year for me. Lovely, lovely photos . . . and, stimulating, motivational words and quotations that always, always, seem to strike a chord. The right notes at just the right times!

F Dot Leonora: – Fun, surprising, quirky, challenging, fun, interesting . . . and did I say fun . . . posts, that always make me giggle and always make me . . . well, wonder! Spiralling stories like an old-time radio serial. The sort that seem to stop, almost in mid-sentence, and make you cry out “but what happened next!!!”

Behind the Chintz Curtain: – Stylish, classy and thought-provoking words always. And, stylish, classy and thought-provoking photographs too. But it is those words . . . always so perfectly correct and proper, and then, whoosh-bang, so naughtily erotic and arousing! I’m always, always shifting and squirming in my chair before I reach the end!

Beck and Her Kinks: – And speaking of naughty! Wow . . . direct and always straight to the point. I almost always gasp out loud . . . and giggle . . . and feel good whenever I visit. Naughty, fun and prolific . . . I’m amazed at her energy! Bitch!

Rebels Notes: – Oh, and speaking of prolific energy! Marie just has an awe-inspiring amount of both. As well as being awe-inspiring in so many others ways too. Amazing tatoos, piercings and fun and naughty words and photos. And the hostess of some wonderful memes . . . including one of my favourite weekly visits, Wicked Wednesday.

Sinful Sunday: – Favourite weekly visits? Of course it has to be Molly’s Sinful Sunday. Another lady of amazing and awe-inspiring energy, Molly’s weekly meme is a must visit for just some of the most erotic imagery you will find. Clever, motivational, inspirational, body-positive and definitely sexily-sensual. Sunday’s wouldn’t be the same!

Boobday Friday: – Hyacinth’s wonderful blog is, of course, this year’s No. 1 in the Top 100, but I also wanted to mention her wonderful weekly meme Boobday Friday. A truly body-positive celebration of breasts of all shapes, sizes and denominations, I think it is a wonderfully important place that everyone (and I mean everyone in the truly global sense) should regularly visit. Because . . . well just because!!! It’s obvious really!!!

Cherry Tart Blog: – Another new discovery for me this year. Dawn’s regular posts and photos just seem to strike a chord with me. Honest and personal in a motivational sort of way . . . I always want to read and I often find myself nodding and thinking “I know just what she means”. I often feel a part of her journey.

The Other Livvy: – Yet another new discovery this year. And yet another place to which I seem to feel some sort of connection that makes me want to return over and over. Fun writings and wonderfully clever and startling photos. You will just have to visit to see what I mean!

Sex is My New Hobby: – And what a lovely new hobby to have! And what a lovely new blog to discover! The honesty in the words and the creativity and sensuality in the photos always seem to touch in a personal way. My new hobby is regularly visiting Sex is My New Hobby!

And I could go on . . . and on . . . of course. Because there are just so many wonderfully entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking blogs to enjoy and discover. And I urge you to browse Molly’s list below and do just that . . . Enjoy and Discover!!!

Oh, but before I go, I would just like to add to Molly’s mention of sad losses in 2015. Firstly that of Curvaceous Dee and her wonderfully, wonderfully fun Scavenger Hunt meme. To me, as well as being such fun to indulge in, Dee’s Scavenger Hunt was a place which just perfectly promoted body-positivity in every sense of the word. Being proud of one’s self and having fun in celebrating that in the hope and belief that it would inspire others to be confident and at ease with their body and sexuality as well. I was lucky enough to meet with Dee whilst on holiday early in 2014 and she is a such a lovely, lovely person that instantly made you feel happy to be with. She tells me that the Scavenger Hunt meme will soon be re-instated by another hostess and when it is I certainly encourage you to visit and participate.

On a much, much sadder note we also lost Bobbie Morgan of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind late in 2015. Although we never met in person, the messages we shared through email and twitter were always wonderfully inspiring for me. Fun and enthusiasm, and Bobbie’s passion for education and sex-positivity, just seemed to bounce out of every word she typed. Through those messages it was as though I could hear her voice, speaking her words, bubbling, cajoling and encouraging. Her blog still remains and is a wonderful resource of information and discussion on all things sex-positive. I urge you to visit!!!

As indeed I also do for . . . Molly’s list of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2015
. . . reproduced in it’s entirety below!!!

New Voice of the Year Award

This award goes to a blog that is new this year and therefore have not been around long enough to qualify for the Top Sex Bloggers list. After much sole searching I have decided that there are two winners of this award this year.

Melina Greenport: I discovered her blog through Wicked Wednesday and have fallen increasingly in love with her sexy, intelligent, beautiful writing. Seriously, if fabulous erotic fiction is your thing then this lady is going to rock your world.

Exposing 40: Exposing 40 has launched herself into the blogging world with style, grace and passion. Her site is a body positive adventure, centred around life in your 40’s. This blog is an unashamed look at, not only her body, but both male and female guests and challenges the traditional ideals of youth = beauty/sex and I am really looking forward to seeing where this project takes her in 2016.

And now with the previews done lets launch ourselves into the main event!

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015

1. A Dissolute Life Means

When I started this project I knew Hy was going to make the top 10 but once all the scoring was done she emerged a worthy winner of this years list. Her writing is fearless, bold, honest and raw. She never shies away from the realities of herself when it comes to her writing. She is funny, sexy, intelligent, thought-provoking, sometimes heart breaking, and often heart warming. She also runs the fabulous #Boobday meme ‘a place for us to honour breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks’. In my opinion she is a most worthy winner!

2. Love Hate Sex Cake

I have long been a dedicated reader of Cheeky Minx but 2015 has seen her completely blow me away. Her photography is second to none and when coupled with her deliciously sexy prose packs a lust filled punch that will leave you breathless and returning again and again for more.

3. Malin James

Malin’s blog is a delightful mix of quality sexy erotica and thoughtful intelligent opinion pieces. One moment she will be knocking your knickers off with her erotic fiction and the next she will have you pondering the vagaries of life. She is a skilled and passionate writer, insightful, self aware and utterly engaging, her blog is one of those places that you can happily loose hours of your life in.

4. Dangerous Lilly

Lilly is all the things you want in a sex toy reviewer; honest, smart, dedicated, and knowledgeable. Her no nonsense writing is engaging and informative and damn can she make me laugh. This woman really knows her stuff, and she is my go to site when when I want to get an opinion on a sex toy. She is one of those bloggers who comes across as being totally and utterly herself and her blog is possibly one the best designed and easiest to navigate on this whole list.

5. Switch Studies

I first discovered Ginger Nic’s blog through Elust but doing the research for this list caused me to delve a lot deeper into her site, what I found totally hooked me in. Her writing is intelligent, artistic, and covers a wide range of topics. It is a true glimpse into her life and thought processes that will make you want to read on. There really is something for everyone here, regardless of your persuasion

6. Holden and Camille

In my opening post about the list back in January I said if you knock my knickers off you are going to do well and these guys totally did that. In fact they didn’t just knock them off they tore them off and threw them across the room. Their photography is quite frankly smoking hot. From suggestively erotic to devilishly filthy these guys have it covered, or should that be uncovered? This blog is a fabulous journey through one couples sex lives in the bedroom, living room, dinning room, bathroom, staircase and beyond and whenever I visit there I always end up leaving with the urge to indulge in a damn good fuck.

7. Remittance Girl

If, like me, you like your erotica raw and gritty with not a happy ever after ending in sight then RG’s writing is the stuff for you. Combine that with strong, well reasoned opinion pieces and you have got yourself a winner. In my opinion RG is one of the best writers of short erotic literature of our time. She has the power to make you think about human desire and eroticism in a way that will at times leave you uncomfortable whilst also turning you on.

8. Stranded in Toronto

There is no one else quite like Stranded in the sex blogging community in my opinion. A fine writer, he has a talent for combining sci-fi and fantasy with humour and hot dirty sex that will have you returning again and again to his site. 2015 has been the year of self publishing for him but that has not slowed him down when it comes to his blog. He is prolific in his writing and there is always something new to enjoy on his site.

9. The Big Gay Review

This blog was completely new to us and both of us were completely taken with it. It is beautiful presented, easy to navigate and his pictures of the products that he reviews are not only beautifully done but also numerous so you really get to see the products in detail. Oh and this guy is funny. He has a wonderful turn of phrase that resulted in us both sitting here chuckling to ourselves as we read. I have a feeling that hanging out with Dave in real life would be a total blast and he most definitely has been added to the list of sex bloggers I would one day like to meet in person.

10. Domme Chronicles

I have been a very long time reader of Ferns, in fact over the years I am fairly sure there is not much of her content that I have not actually read. Despite the fact that her kink is pretty much the direct opposite of mine I am an avid reader of her site. She is a phenomenal writer and her blog is an honest frank account of what it means to her to be a female Domme.

11. Seattle Poly Chick N/A
12. My Dissolute Life @nlikes
13. The Power Exchange @talesofmouse
14. Abbi Rode and Told @OCDcrankypants
15. Rebel’s Notes @rebelsnotes
16. Girly Juice @girly_juice
17. Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
18. The Drew Duality @dualdrew
19. Ann St Vincent @AnnStVincent
20. Jade Aurora Waters @jadeawaters
21. Insatiable Desire @RayneMillaray
22. Understanding Flutterby @FlutterbyFlip
23. Cammies on the floor @cammiesonfloor
24. Aerie’s Room @aeriesroom
25. Seaside Slut Diary @seasideslut
26. Sex Blog (of Sorts) N/A
27. oh Joy Sex Toy @ErikaMoen
28. Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
29. Denying Thumper @thumperMN
30. Lady Laid Bare @JillyBoyd
31. Redhead Bedhead @joellennotte
32. Hey Epiphora @epiphora
33. The Gritty Woman @GrittyWoman
34. Miss Ruby Reviews @MissRubyReviews
35. Behind the Chintz Curtain @ChintzCurtain
36. Superotica @TamsinFlowers
37. The Sub Mission @The_Sub_Mission
38. Rouged Mount N/A
39. You can’t Tame this Sassy Cat @Sassycat38
40. BD Swain @redswain
41. The Submission of Elle @hispetitelle
42. Temperature’s Rising N/A
43. Ninja Sexology @ninjasexology
44. Cara Sutra @thecarasutra
45. Kitty Stryker @kittystryker
46. Deviantt Kitten @devianttkitten
47. Horny Geek Girl @hornygeekgirl
48. Poison Pen Dirty Mind @OleanderPlume
49. Teachers have sex @teachershavesex
50. Penny for your Dirty Thoughts @pennysblog
51. Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches
52. Maria Open’s Up @MSM1647
53. A to sub Bee @sub_bee
54. Songs From His Nyghtbird N/A
55. A Roll in the Hay @kinthehay
56. Apricot Creams @apricotcreams
57. A Sexual Being @KaylaLords
58. Reticent Mental Property N/A
59. Janine Ashbless N/A
60. The Erotic Writer N/A
61. Crista Anne @pinkness
62. Ero Centric @EROcentric
63. Break Out N/A
64. Happy Come Lucky @ht_honey
65. Stella Kiink @stellakiink
66. He’s Naked @hesnaked
67. F Dot Leonora @fdotleonora
68. Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica
69. This Girl’s Weblog N/A
70. Under His Hand N/A
71. Toy Meets Girl @dizzygirl812
72. Sex is my New Hobby @SexIsMyNewHobby
73. Exhibit A @EA_unadorned
74. Cara Thereon N/A
75. Marvelous Darling @marvydarling
76. The Other Livvy @theotherlivvy
77. Beck and Her Kinks @Beck_Noire
78. Just Indecerous @JustIndecerous
79. Mr Wills House of Thrills @MrWills_HoT
80. A Kilted Wookie Writes @Kilted_Wookie
81. Artemisia FemmeCock @AFemmeCock
82. Illicit thoughts @Kats_my_Name__
83. Kink Praxis @TGStoneButch
84. Bangs and Whimpers @bangsnwhimpers
85. Vagina Antics @vaginaantics
86. Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines @JaimeMortimer
87. The Lustful Literate @lustfulliterate
88. Ella Dawson @brosandprose
89. Sexologist Vixenne @DrVixenne
90. Frisky in the 916 @jackandjillcpl
91. Absolutely Ruby @Absolutely_Ruby
92. Malflic @malflic
93. The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast @RoseCaraway
94. Bex talks Sex @bextalkssex
95. Frisky’s Sex Toy Reviews @FriskyGirl_
96. Kinky Biker Mom @KinkyBikerMom
97. Wank of the Day @wankoftheday
98. Charlie in the Pool @charlieinthe
99. My Sex Life with Lola N/A

100. YOU! Rori always left this last spot free for the all the other awesome sex bloggers out there. It is just not possible to include everyone, I relied on the nominations to gather the list and I am sure there are people missing, but this place is for you because every single one of you counts and contributes towards this community.


Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015






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  1. You are too kind and have a special place in my heart.

  2. i am so happy that you are part of this community, you are a lovely lady and i am humbled by your mention… xxx

  3. What a great idea to do your own little list, and thanks so much for including me on it! Thank you for that lovely surprise 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely words. Your blog is an inspiration to me!

    Rebel xox

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