My English Rose #sinfulsunday


A Sinful Request for a special person who wishes to remain anonymous . . .
but who “worships from afar” and begins every flattering email he sends with
“To my English Rose”.

In his most recent message he asked that I show more of
“that delightful derrière” . . . so how could I resist!

You are sure to get to the bottom of much more delights at this week’s
Sinful Sunday by, politely please, patting the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxxx – K


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19 Responses to My English Rose #sinfulsunday

  1. Kostas

    My dear modesty,
    You have got a so great body and so great mind.
    I hope one day to talk in a naturist beach.
    Many kisses,
    With love

  2. this is so perfect, and you are quite the english rose lovely lady!!! xxx

  3. Beautiful picture. Almost like looking at a very sexy catalog for bedding.

  4. It is an utterly fine bottom that is for sure and I love the way the rose is sitting in the curve of your waist


  5. Aiden

    Perfect curves. Just beautiful!

  6. What an absolutely lovely bottom, dear lady–no wonder you have requests for more images of it. A delight!

  7. Just perfect and we are pleased that you fulfilled the request.

  8. You are a beautiful English rose 🙂

    Rebel xox

  9. A delightful derrière indeed! Fabulous photo. Xx

  10. A beautiful photo of a beautiful butt. And a beautiful rose 🙂

  11. Curves and a rose – perfect!!

    Velvet x

  12. ah i love requests
    that special feeling and enjoyment in granting a wish for someone that likes to keep to the shadows while watching you shine 😀

    beautiful picture

  13. Stunning shot!!

  14. I am speachless!! 🙂

  15. L

    You look very sexy on that thong!

  16. And a very sexy bottom you have too!

  17. Wow. What a response to a request. Beautiful.

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