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If you’ve visited me here before you probably think that I have a “thing” for anal, as several of my most recent “Toy Reviews” have been for items of that type. But it’s more coincidence, rather than preference, as it just seems to be that those are the sort of toys I am most often being sent for review nowadays. Because, although I definitely don’t have a “thing” for bottom-play, I do if the mood takes me, enjoy a “different approach” from time to time. (Though please do check my retrospective A Cautionary Tale Update” addition to one of my very first bottom-approach reviews from 2014).

And “mood” certainly is key for me when it comes to bottom-play of any type. If I’m not in the right mood, at the right time, then no matter how hard I . . . or my playmate(s) . . . may try, I just know it won’t work out and I will quickly insist that we leave it for another time. And my mood can be influenced by any number of things . . . who I’m playing with of course (I rarely feel in the mood to play this way alone!), the environment and surroundings I find myself in . . . and the aesthetics of the actual toy itself. The way it looks and the way it feels . . . I mean to the touch, before it actually goes (or tries to go) in!!.

So, enter (if you will excuse the pun), the Uberkinky Colt Inflatable Butt Plug. Now when I was first offered the opportunity to review the Colt, I was certainly interested and intrigued. I’ve never owned an “inflatable” before, so straight away that made me curious?

UberKinky does, of course, have quite a range of Inflatable Butt Plugs and browsing through them all aroused my curiosity even more, but I felt the Colt was probably an ideal starting point. And when the tell-tale-shaped, padded envelope arrived, I excitedly opened it and quickly began unrolling the layer of bubble-plastic wrapped around the inner bag. As the plug itself, and the hand-pump and tube were revealed . . . my immediate aesthetic-reaction was, I have to admit, one of disappointment. “It looks industrial” I said to myself, “like something from the plumbing section at B&Q”. But functionality, rather than beauty, is obviously the main factor with anal toys . . . so onwards we go . . . if not immediately upwards.

The toy is supplied in a plastic bag with a small (very small and very basic) multi-language, black and white leaflet. The text is obviously generic for all rubber toys rather than specifically for this toy itself, so is not particularly useful or helpful.

Hand-Pump & Plug. Interesting!

As you can see from my photographs, the Colt consists of a bright red hand pump, and a 15inch tube, which attaches to the black plug itself. Made of a latex rubber material the plug doesn’t look too imposing does it? It’s insertable “erection” is about 4inches tapering from a rounded end to a circumference of about 4.5inches . . . that’s four-and-a-half, by the way, just in case the decimal point doesn’t display well on your tablet screen, (I wouldn’t want to frighten you unduly!!!)

The plug was wrapped in a vacuum-sealed plastic and once I’d peeled that off, it felt reasonably soft and pleasant to hold in my hand. Not as nice as my silicone favourites of course, but a normal rubbery feel. It felt quite firm and solid, so I was intrigued as to how it was actually going to “inflate”.

So, after giving it all a thorough wash over in some warm soapy water, I attached the tube to the hand-pump and began squeezing!

ModestyInflatable1Now it does actually require quite a firm squeezing and for a moment or two, as I squeezed the pump with one hand and cradled the plug in the other, nothing seemed to be happening. But then, to my delighted giggles, I began to feel the plug moving, and expanding, in the palm of my hand. And with a gentle, almost throbbing-pulsing sort of motion, I could definitely feel, and see, the plug beginning to grow . . . wider.

It has an outer skin, like a thick black rubber condom over it’s inner-shaft which, as you pump the air into it fills and expands this outer skin. As I said, it does require quite a firm and gradual squeezing . . . but that, of course, is a good thing isn’t it! I mean you wouldn’t want it to suddenly blow-up like a balloon in a few seconds would you! That wouldn’t be safe . . . well, certainly not for a cautious and slow-starter like myself!!!

But don’t worry, because from the safety point of view, the Colt has a quick-release valve that, with a gentle press, immediately releases all the air . . . backwards down the tube . . . not inside one’s bottom!!!

So . . . initial exploration and working procedure over . . . what about the practical “field test” . . ???

Well I’m happy to report that, as I later unwrapped it for my testing-assistant, he wasn’t put off at all by my pre-warning of it looking a “bit industrial”. His reaction was, “That’s a fetish for some people isn’t it? That rubber and mask, red and black thing!”

I giggled back with delight, “Well that’s good then.” Waving the lube bottle under his nose, “Let’s get started!!!”

Now I often find that when I’m trying out, or for all intents and purposes, “testing” new toys, that the actual process of “testing” rather spoils the real fun or enjoyment that one would hope for when playing with ones toys. I want it to be natural, and spontaneous, and part of an overall session of pleasure rather than a “laboratory assessment”. So usually I find those first occasions to be unsuccessful . . . a case of the anticipation upsetting the reality.

But on this occasion, perhaps because of the necessity of that slow pumping motion, the response slowly built from curious expectation to . . . giggling twisting and turning . . . to gasping and squirming! For the both of us . . . !

So later . . . some-time later if you know what I mean, after my asking “too many questions” . . . and in the interests of proper and thorough scientific research of course, I decided to try it for myself. (Without wishing to spoil the momentum, it goes without saying that after a thorough washing . . . and the application of a fresh condom . . . I always use condoms with these sort of toys and have black ones which helps with that sense of the aesthetic I mentioned earlier).


Well it is different, quite different, and . . . still giggling at first . . . my reaction was that it is fun.

I am one for normally using my anal toys in conjunction with other things going on at the same time, so am not always conscious of any specific feeling down there, other than one of sensing that “pressure” and of being filled-up. I don’t often orgasm from just anal-play. But “being pumped” with the Colt and probably because I was conscious of wanting to feel it, and wanting to think about it, meant that on this occasion I got quite carried away.

With the application of a healthy portion of lubricant . . . water based, latex friendly only please . . . the plug slides in quite easily. And, as the pump was squeezed to increase the pressure with gradual “pumps” I certainly could sense that throbbing and pulsing that I’d felt in the palm of my hand earlier. I reached my comfort level quite quickly and was able to continue my play for several more minutes before, in the natural sequence of events, I needed release . . . in more ways than one! The sudden relief of pressure, as the quick release valve was pushed, probably heightened my convulsions (though at times like that my sense of observation and recollection becomes numbed, so to speak).

So . . . whilst it is not something that I could use all the time, because I still have to be in that right “mood”, it was fun. And fun is what it is always about for me:

Modesty Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Nice in size and reasonably comfortable and “interesting” to use.
Cons: A little bit too “industrial” to look at in the first instance. The air-tube enters directly from the base of the plug which means it can’t be placed onto a flat surface to “sit down upon”.
Material: Latex Rubber.
Measurements: Plug Circumference (unpumped) 4.5 inches, Insertable Length 4 inches. Air-tube Length 15 inches; Circumference 0.75 inch. Hand Pump & Valve Length 6.5 inches; Circumference 7 inches.
Noise: Silent, well except for the gasps & giggles during!!!
Colour: Black and Red.
Lubrication: Yes definitely!!! Water-based, Latex friendly only!
Batteries: Not applicable, just a strong squeezing-grip required.
Waterproof: Yes.
After-care: Obviously always wash with hot soapy water after, and before, use.
Supplier Product Link: Uberkinky Colt Inflatable Butt Plug
Additional Links: Inflatable Butt Plugs
The Modesty Video Review: To possibly follow if you are interested!

The Uberkinky Colt Inflatable Butt Plug was sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

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  1. Gena

    Thanks for your review. As always a light hearted fun review. I have always been fascinated by and have used butt plugs and dildos anally for quite some time now and I have always wondered what it would feel like to use an inflatable one. You did not cover in your review what the butt plug felt like during the inflation process or the feeling of it when fully inflated. To use a pun, could you expand on your feelings of that please?

    • Thank you Gena . . . perhaps I wasn’t “specific” enough. So I have added an additional paragraph with a little more detail of my feelings at the time . . . and subsequently!
      Xxx – K

      • Gena

        Thanks Modesty for adding the extra paragraph. It explained fully to me what I wanted to find out. No more questions thanks. Just added another item to my wish list.

  2. Enjoyed this post, the review was fair and detailed enough to make me interested in this product

  3. Paul

    Yes definitely video. 😉 😉 theyre always fantastic to see you in your vids 😉 😉

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