Ménage Ablaze #wickedwednesday


nage à trois ? . . . some people may think it’s just plain greedy.

Well . . . I prefer to think of it as just spreading the love!!!

nage à trois is this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday . . .  and if you tap on the Button below I’m sure you’ll discover lots more about three-somes
and more-somes!


Xxx – K


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7 Responses to Ménage Ablaze #wickedwednesday

  1. I agree, you are definitely spreading the love! This is such a hot image!

    Rebel xox

  2. If all are consenting and enjoy, how could it be greedy?


  3. Lea

    Very sexy, love the photo.

  4. You never to fail to make me smile. A wonderful picture, and no doubt an even more wonderful experience.

  5. Keith

    Very enjoyable post, very much agree with the spreading the love interpretation.

  6. mikey2ct

    Kate, great snap! Pleasing the hubs and a lover, too!

  7. spreading the love is a beautiful and exciting thing.

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