The Modesty Ablaze Valentine’s Day Bulletin No.2

Last week I mentioned in my Fantasy Bulletin No.1, that I would keep on at you about Valentine’s Day! So this is Bulletin No.2 to remind you to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to give a little love to that person (or persons!) that have a special place in your life . . . or perhaps the person(s) you would like to have a special place in your life.

It’s the perfect time to be able to use a little imagination and perhaps suggest something different, or “spicy” for your relationship, that you might ordinarily feel a little awkward or shy about.

After all, Valentine’s is normally considered by most people to be fun and frivolous . . . extravagant and silly . . . racy and sexy! Just the ideal excuse to say “well it is Valentine’s, it is just a bit of fun!” even if that red latex cat-suit, or those fur-lined bondage handcuffs . . . or red riding crop . . . is something you’ve actually always wanted to try!!!

And just to help guide you in the right direction . . . and encourage you to be just a little Valentine’s-outrageous and fun-naughty . . . I highly recommend that you browse my favourite first-stop-shops for all things fun, fetish and sexy, below.

So in no particular order, something for the weekend sir or madam?


From Belle De Soir . . . a wonderful selection of both sexy silky lingerie and super sexy toys at some of the most reasonable prices I think you’ll find all across the world-wide web.

I just love their Gracya range of Corsets, Thongs and Suspender Belts

Or to set your evening really throbbing, why not try my favourite Doxy Wand Massager or, if you’re feeling even more adventurous the new Doxy Skittle!!!

And, if you use the Val5off Discount Code before February 15th, you’ll be able to claim a 5% reduction on most of the lovely items throughout their shop.


Or . . . if latex and lace, or pvc and pleasure is more what you have in mind . . . then Honour Clothing is a must visit on your Valentinian travels!

Because they have some of the most lovely creations that I have ever slid myself into.

Including the Glamour Corselette which you may have seen on these very pages before, or how about the simply fabulous Chimera Basque which always brings me lots and lots of compliments whenever I wear it out and about.

I have a wardrobe full of Honour, from basques to boots and bras to blindfolds . . . and everything feels so stylish and so, so sexily naughty!!!


And speaking of naughty . . . then if you really, really want to try something really, really naughty and really, really kinky . . . then you must stop by Uberkinky.

Because as they say . . . for them “It’s Not a Fetish, it’s a Way of Life” and trust me they really mean it!!!

If you’ve visited me here often . . . or perhaps visited me in person LOL!!! . . . then you will have seen lots and lots of Uberkinky items.

So if this Valentine’s you’d like to add some real kink to your relationship, from Bondage Wear to Bondage Gear, from Collars to Cock Rings, from Vibrators for her to Vibrators for him, from Front to Rear . . . Uberkinky is truly out there!!!

Or, if I’ve left you feeling that all of the above is perhaps just little extreme . . . and you would prefer something a little more mainstream . . . may I suggest the largest online shop of all.

love-2433-300x225Because at Lovehoney you simply can’t go wrong . . . there is something within for everyone. And, I have to say, that whilst they may not seem as “specialised”, or “bespoke” to the naked eye as the shops I’ve mentioned above, in terms of service and delivery, they are second to none.

As I’m sure you will discover as you begin browsing their aisles, their product range just goes on for miles and miles.

There is something for every taste and every desire . . . with lots of little helpful reviews and extensive product details for every item that sparks your interest.

And, speaking of sparks, if you can’t start making some sparks of your own from the options above, I shall be very disappointed!

I’m expecting you to report back!!!

But in the meantime . . . until Bulletin No.3 . . . bye, bye for now!!!

Xxx – K



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2 Responses to The Modesty Ablaze Valentine’s Day Bulletin No.2

  1. So many toys at lovehoney! Just love it!

  2. Gloria

    I envy the way you make everything in your life such fun 😉 😉

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