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People often assume, because of my blog, that I am an extrovert and loud and outgoing . . . but actually I’m really quite shy. Particularly when it comes to meeting people for the first time. I just find “introducing myself” difficult and disconcerting . . . and wish I could hide behind my Modesty Mask more often.

This is particularly the case whenever we attend our local swingers club. I actually do enjoy preparing myself beforehand . . . choosing my outfit and shoes. But I then get very nervous about walking in and then finding that initial position at the bar. It usually does take several glasses of wine before I find it easier to stand up from the bar stool and start walking around. (Apart from one notable exception >here<).

But to begin actually chatting and introducing myself to people just doesn’t come naturally . . . and is even more difficult with other couples. At least if I have seen a young man that might have taken my eye, I can smile and . . . still nervously . . . return his glances, or I can send Hubby over to begin an initial conversation and then perhaps bring him back to introduce him to me.

Once we do start chatting then I find it becomes much easier . . . and I have normally made up my mind within a few minutes whether or not I might be interested in taking things further. For me the attraction to take things further is much more about personality and easy conversation rather than looks. (Hubby and I have a little code where I let him know whether I would like him to suggest to our new companion about moving to one of the private rooms). But, as I say, with couples it is usually much harder to find that dynamic where all four of us may feel a similar interest. Which is why one conversation that just seemed to happen quite naturally, turned out to be such a wonderful “introduction” for me . . . it happened, one night at the Club, several years ago.

Hubby and I had moved away from the bar to “wander”. I’d not even had those several glasses of wine yet, so I’m really not sure why I’d agreed to take our first wander-around of the evening. Anyway, it had suddenly become quite busy near the bar on our return to the main room, so we had to sit down on a bench near the corridor leading to the first play area. Hubby just happened to find himself sitting next to a couple we’d not seen before. I was sitting on the other side of Hubby so wasn’t even initially aware that he’d started a conversation with the man next to him. After a few minutes though he began to include me in the conversation with this new gentleman and his partner sitting next to him. With the music and background chatter of everyone else in the corridor it was quite difficult to hear all of what was being said but, luckily, a space suddenly became available back at the bar and Hubby suggested we move back there.

What followed, was a lovely conversation for almost an hour with our new acquaintance and his lovely wife. It was their first visit to this particular club, (though not to clubs generally), and as we all chatted it became obvious that we had such a lot in common about relationships and interests!

Soon . . . almost without any of us seeming to actually request it . . . we ended up in one of the private rooms. (Well actually not entirely private, as it has a large one-way window which from the inside looks like a mirror, but is like a viewing window from the main club room on the other side for everyone to look into).

Anyway, suffice to say . . . we all had a wonderfully fun time AND all these years later are still meeting . . . and still having wonderful fun!!!

So . . . introductions are often something we worry too much about when fate has a wonderful way of introducing one to years and years of delight and ecstasy!!!

Introductions is this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday . . .  and if you tap on the Button below I’m sure you’ll be introduced to lots more stories and recollections about Introductions!


Xxx – K


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3 Responses to Modest Introductions #wickedwednesday

  1. Knightsky

    What a picture. I’d do anything for an introduction m’lady.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I am just as shy with introductions as you are, and this must be the reason why we never really met at Eroticon in London, but did see each other. Next time we WILL meet 🙂

    I love how you still have fun with this couple 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. Euch, I’m useless at introductions, and being a staunch introvert, I actively avoid them! I’m crap at meeting new people, get tongue tied and I think come across as disinterested or stand offish, when really I just don’t know what to say!

    How wonderful for you to meet people who you’d form such a close friendship with though, and a lasting one at that x

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