My fav toy? Oohh @DoxyMassager #wickedwednesday

When I read that this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday was “Ode to your favourite sex toy” well I just couldn’t resist. I mean you couldn’t possibly expect me to could you???

Because those “Oooh I’m feeling so desperately horny . . . right now!!!”
moments have never been quite the same since discovering my Doxy Wand. And it is always, always close at hand . . . after all, sometimes you just need to don’t you???

So, when I do . . . there’s just no comparison, no questions, no hesitations . . .
I know just what to reach for!!!


And, in fact, just thinking about it has got me all excited again and reminded me to re-read my original review of the Doxy. It was actually one of my very first Sex Toy Reviews, and reading it again . . . and ESPECIALLY viewing the Video again . . . has left me thinking that I should have said lots of things better, or clearer, and that perhaps I should re-do it all over again!

BUT . . . then I reach for that power button and I quickly get all distracted!!!

And I’m sure you will find lots of other distracting Odes and Toy Stories at
Wicked Wednesday by turning on the Power Button below!!!


Xxx – K

 Oh, and P.s. – Just to make things even more distracting for me, there is now a New Chapter in the @Doxy story . . . The Skittle!!!


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2 Responses to My fav toy? Oohh @DoxyMassager #wickedwednesday

  1. Don’t you just love the Doxy?! Mine is definitely my favorite of all times. And… I love that we both have the same favorite!

    Rebel xox

  2. It is definitely one of my favourite things too, in fact that and the Revel Body Sol are really the only two vibrators I ever use


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