Of Christmas’s Past #sinfulsunday


A Modest Christmas Tree – 1985

I’m sure you will know that I’ve always been quite shy . . . and always approached everything I do “modestly”.

Even my #polaroidspast Christmas tree in 1985 was quite modest and discreet.

There’s sure to be lots more modest and discreet thoughts on festive-themes at this weeks Sinful Sunday . . . or perhaps not “that” modest and discreet!!!

But it will be fun to investigate won’t it? Let’s find out by tapping the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids PastXxx – K


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18 Responses to Of Christmas’s Past #sinfulsunday

  1. i mean modesty is your name! xxx

  2. Oh you sexy woman you!

    Rebel xox

  3. Oh what a brilliant image, looks like you were always a Modesty thing 😉


  4. So lovely to see you’ve always been so true to yourself – what a gorgeous photo x x

  5. Kat

    So shy and retiring! Hehe! Great blast from the past Modesty!
    Kat x

  6. O

    Looks as though Christmas in 1985 was very sexy indeed!


  7. You’re still as modest and sexy now!
    Great photo 🙂

  8. Amazing!!! Always exciting viewing a glimpse of your polaroids past. 🙂

  9. bigmissnaughty

    love your pictures
    BMN x

  10. Brilliant….as modest as ever 😉

  11. Sally

    I think its so cool you have all these old polaroids. Theyre always fab 🙂 🙂

  12. That is just fabulous. Every single thing about it!

  13. L

    I’d love to see more of your Polaroid photos! Very lovely!

  14. I have so so much love for your old pictures and this one is as glorious as they all are. You really really do need to make a coffee table book of these. Xx

  15. I love your polaroids past! This is so much fun and that leotard is incredibly sexy.

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