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ModestyAblazeCindyGallopIf you have visited me here occasionally in the past, you will already know how much I love the message of . . . and the #realworldsex videos on . . . And chances are, especially as you are reading this page, you will also possibly share my view about just how important an open and honest discussion about our sexuality really is.

Because, whilst I never felt ashamed of my lifestyle, I suppose that up until a few years ago I did sometimes feel a little . . . well not guilty about it exactly . . . but awkward or “unusual” I suppose is a better way of describing it. I knew that the sort of relationship I share with my husband worked wonderfully for us, but wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone.

So it was something . . . you’ll probably laugh out loud now . . . that I would never have wanted to share in public.

But then I happened across Cindy Gallop’s wonderful and inspirational video-speeches at the TedConference (omg from 2009!!!) and (a little-more recently) at TEDxOxford2012. Those videos had me hanging-on, AND agreeing with, every word. I knew just how much difference embracing my sexuality, and sharing every desire, every feeling and every fantasy with my husband had changed, and enhanced, our lives together. And how we’d often both wished . . . usually in the wonderfully loving and winding-down post real-world-sex moments . . . that others could share and enjoy the same sort of feelings of fun, and fulfilment, as we did.

So discovering Cindy’s and lots and lots of other like-minded people, sharing and . . . most importantly of all . . . celebrating their own real-world-sex moments was, quite simply . . . a revelation!!!

Because . . . as so simply puts it:

MLNP is of the people, by the people, and for the people who believe that the sex we have in our everyday life is the hottest sex there is.
We are not porn – porn is performance (often an exceedingly delicious performance, but a performance nonetheless).
We are not ‘amateur’ – a label that implies that the only people doing it right are the professionals and the rest of us are bumbling idiots. (Honey, please.)
We are #realworldpeople, #realworldsex, #realworldfeelings, #realworldrelationships, #realworldbodies, #realworldhotness, #realworldeverything.

So I was really thrilled to be invited along for cocktails one evening last week for the MLNPstar London Get Together hosted by Cindy and the lovely Madam Curator Sarah.


And it was also so lovely meeting fellow MLNP-stars lovesurfing and Mr&Mrs Lau and enjoying some wonderfully exotic looking, and tasting, cocktails . . . and chatting for several hours not just about sex and MakeLoveNotPorn, but all those other things that #realworldpeople in #realworldrelationships talk about. Family, travel, work . . . and well, yes . . . play!

And in a way this evening like, any other evening sharing fun-company and lots and lots of fun-cocktails, encapsulated just what MakeLoveNotPorn is all about . . . RealWorldPeople.

That, for me, is the importantly wonderful . . . and wonderfully important . . . difference to any other adult-content-video-site. It is not just about sex, it is about communicating, educating, accepting and celebrating how different we all are and how natural and fulfilling our real relationships should be.

I urge you to follow all the little underlined-links in the paragraphs above in the hope that reading, watching and listening may inspire you just as much as it has inspired me.

Make Love Not Porn

Xxx – K

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