Modesty’s Peek-a- #Boobday Friday

ModestyAblazeDriftwoodPeekThis is my second excursion into Hyacinth’s  wonderful and fun Meme #boobday friday.

I found this lovely piece of driftwood washed-up on the beach during one of my morning strolls on our recent summer hols! It had obviously been in the water for some time, probably travelling in the currents from one island to another . . . and the wood felt so smooth and natural that I immediately wished I could fly it back home to London with me.

But . . . instead . . . I just had to make do with lots of peek-a-boo photos like this to remind me of my discovery.

And looking back through (the hundreds!!!) of Hubby’s holiday snaps one evening this week . . . lots of which I simply couldn’t post on a website!!! . . .
I thought this picture actually was quite appropriate for #boobday friday.

As Hyacinth says on her Boobday page:

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I totally, totally agree . . . and I’m sure there will be lots more different boobs this, and every, Friday from clicking Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K


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5 Responses to Modesty’s Peek-a- #Boobday Friday

  1. Ohh wow. What a wonderful capture! Love it. I do enjoy viewing hubby’s holiday captures of you!

  2. Paul

    Incredibly framed & the fingernails squeezing your orbs are fantastic

  3. That piece of driftwood was made for a Boobday picture! You look stunning. As always x

  4. That’s a great photo! You look lovely, and the shutter (?) makes an excellent frame – love the texture of the wood and peeling paint.

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