Lick my shoes clean #sinfulsunday


Mistress Modesty Ablaze insists on always having every one of her sessions completed by having her slave clean her shoes. Especially her favourite Lucky Red Shoes!

On this occasion . . . still bearing the lovely red welts on his back from his earlier beating, and knowing he has been in chastity for over a month, Mistress instructs Slave Winston to give them an extra sparkle . . .

And as always, he does an expert job of then licking all over, to make sure they are extra-shiny and spotlessly clean!!!

You are sure to find lots more sparkle-and-shine at this weeks Sinful Sunday by licking the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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7 Responses to Lick my shoes clean #sinfulsunday

  1. Ohhh look at those sexy marks on his back, that is what popped out of the image at me


  2. You are so awesome and badass, I just adore you!

  3. i love the glossy filter that makes the picture look like a dream and the tactile connection between the two of you.
    hot shoes!!!

  4. What a good boy! And bad boy since he has those goregous marks.

  5. I agree with Molly – those marks … *sigh* Jane xxx

  6. I guess it is more interesting than having the butler shine them Madam 🙂

  7. Oh those marks are just gorgeous!

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