Modesty’s Melons #sinfulsunday

As well as visiting all the local attractions whenever I am away on holiday . . . and, of course, sampling the local wine . . . I always make an effort to enjoy the local food and produce.

ModestyAblazeMelons1We’d been told that the island capital was famous for it’s daily Fruit and Vegetable Market . . . and when we arrived I could see why.
I’ve simply never seen such an amazing array!!! Just rows and rows of Market Stalls in a wonderful setting along the quayside.

ModestyAblazeMelons2“I do need my five-a-day! . . . fruit and veg silly . . . I know just what you’re thinking!!! Anyway, let’s just wander and see what look’s best.”

ModestyAblazeMelons3“Ooohh, look at these rock melons. They do feel ripe . . . but let’s try the next stall along the way. “

ModestyAblazeMelons4“The melons here are different aren’t they . . . but still feel nice. Oh, but look there’s even more variety next door!”

ModestyAblazeMelons5“Well we’ve bought our grapes, bananas . . . one always needs bananas! . . . apples, kiwi-fruit . . . I’m particularly partial to a firm kiwi . . . but I’m still not sure about the rock melons. I think I prefer those other ones.” I said to Hubby. “That’s what so annoying about you and shopping.” he replied. “We always end-up going all the way back to the first place we started!”

ModestyAblazeMelons6“Well . . . ” I snarled back, “you know you really enjoy me having freedom of choice, don’t you . . . AND, see the way I’m squeezing this melon . . . !!!”

 I’m sure you will have lots of fun yourself, browsing and sampling at this week’s Sinful Sunday, from squeezing the lovely lips below!!!

Sinful Sunday

I’m not sure if there is a Market Stall category at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt site, but . . . you can browse my other Scavenger Hunt attempts at my Scavenger Hunt Listings Page ! or view some of my previous Scavengers at my Scavenger Slideshow >here<!!!

Oh . . . and why not join in yourself? . . . Come on, it’s such fun!
Let’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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14 Responses to Modesty’s Melons #sinfulsunday

  1. Well, you don’t get many of those to the pound. Lovely melons, and the fruit isn’t bad either.


  2. I think the farmer’s market qualifies here… a notch I’ve been dying to get and you’ve nailed it beautifully!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Were there melons in the photos? *grins*

    Great Scavenger Hunt, once again 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. i love the background, but i really love how candid they are…and how menacing the one is with you holding the melon!

  5. O

    Such a bountiful market and some gorgeous goods on display!


  6. This post was making me giggle just from seeing the title and before the page even loaded!! Great shots! Xx

  7. Lol, loved the running commentary to go along with the terrific pics! Love the boldness!

  8. There is a farmers market near us… sadly it is not as a beautiful as this one and I think getting my boobs out might not be possible but I shall definitely add it to my list of places to get


  9. What a terrifically cheeky post of “Melon” pics. Very daring,

    X Newt

  10. Oh what delicious melons!

  11. It’s always good to see lovely melons.

  12. Oh, what a clever (new) location! And once again I’m amazed at the photos you managed to get 🙂

    xx Dee

  13. I LOVE this post!!!
    I had to laugh when I read “melons” because I had a 70 yr old man use that term on me. He told me that my melons was the first thing he noticed about me.
    Your post is great, your photos are the best. I would love travel with you cause your adventures always look much fun!!!

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