Modesty Ablaze Laid Completely Bare #scavengerhunt

A few weeks ago I had a comment submitted to one of my posts along the lines of “Your blog is always all about you, you, you. Always flashing your tiny tits, never discussing serious women’s issues”. I can’t remember the exact wording.
It was whilst I was away on holiday, with very little wi-fi . . . oh and very little time to try to find any. Yes, I admit I WAS having too much fun (yes it really was just all about “me, me, me”).

I didn’t give the comment much thought and just hit the “bin” button on the moderator panel.

I don’t normally receive negative comments, the occasional “hair-loss” and “erectile dysfunction” spam yes, but nothing negative . . . but as I lay back on the beach afterwards, it did get me thinking . . . just for a little while at least!!!

But, as I rolled over onto my back and Hubby rubbed on a little more sun-lotion (on to those ‘tiny tits’), he said “You don’t do ‘serious’ do you. What ‘serious’ things do you want to talk about? There’s already loads of people doing that!”

And he is right of course . . . people such as the daily, non-stop topical news and views of all things sexual from Violet Blue;

AND Molly’s wonderful round-up of must-read “sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice and kinky discussion” at e[lust] ;

AND simply the most arousing Erotic novels I’ve ever read from Kay Jaybee;

AND the most stylish and classiest curator of erotic snapshots (and I mean words AND pictures) from fdotleonora . . .

AND the entertainingly informative daily sextra-snippets from Bobbie Morgan’s A Good Womans Dirty Mind

AND . . . well, I could go on and on and on of course . . . so many people, posting so many important and serious things, so much better and more eloquently and more regularly than I ever could.

So should I apologise to my anonymous (there was an email address obviously but my hurried deletion means she is now anonymous to me) commenter?
Is she right? Should I apologise, I wondered, for my posts always being about just “me, me, me”???

And then I thought . . . “Well no actually!!!” Surely all blogs, in some way or other, are all about “me, me, me”. Perhaps some more subtly, or subconsciously, than others . . . but isn’t that what blogging is all about? Sharing one’s thoughts, one’s views, one’s experiences with other (interested???) People?

And . . . ANYWAY . . . I actually DO think that “flashing my tiny tits”does (for me at least) have a positive side. “Because why?”

Well . . . BECAUSE . . . indulging in the lovely Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt meme has actually made me feel better about myself. It’s all about having a bit of fun and simply celebrating the fact that we are all different, all have different shapes and sizes and knowing that there will always be someone, somewhere who will enjoy us and love us for what and who we are.

AND . . . making people smile and giggle occasionally, IS surely something worthwhile . . . and genuine . . . and nice!

So although I realise lots of people may find Scavenger Hunting boring and frivolous, I often look around at people on the bus or the tube, or see politicians and celebrities talking on the TV . . . and I want to lean over and say “You know what, YOU could learn a LOT by trying a Scavenger Hunt!”

It’s certainly made my morning walks much more fun!!! . . . So why not join in !!!

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!
Just click the button below to have fun . . . Seriously!!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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21 Responses to Modesty Ablaze Laid Completely Bare #scavengerhunt

  1. Surely it’s your blog to post what you want? So what if it’s just lots of photos of your boobs?
    Since I’ve been flashing bits of my self online my confidence has soared, I only wish I didn’t have to post anonymously, it would make editing so much easier. I definitely agree that we all need more fun. And I have a Scavenger Hunt post coming up 🙂

  2. Paul

    your tits are always welcome here 😉 😉

  3. Tiny tits? Really??? What a rude, nasty and immature thing to say. Sounds like something a 19-year-old kid who lives in his mother’s basement watching porn and playing video games all day would say. My guess is that he has never seen a woman’s bare breasts in person, let alone touched them.

    I’ve never thought of your breasts as tiny. You have a very well-proportioned body and you rock it!

    Blogs of any kind come in many forms, and I like that your blog is all about “Me! Me! Me!” even though I’ve never thought of you and your blog in that way. You give the message that it’s empowering for women to be sexual beings and you do it in a very classy way.

    I enjoy your blog. A lot. So does my lover, Parrot.

    Thank you for mentioning me in your illustrious list of people who do write about sex on a more serious level. It’s just the way I am. Sometimes, I think I’m too serious, but I do try to be lighthearted and humorous every once in a while … not to mention show off my tiny tits in a Make Love Not Porn video every once in a while

  4. You have my vote to carry on with your blog just the way it is, because it’s good and full of fun and lovely photos and inspiration for scavenger hunts. Don’t let the comment make you want to change anything, but I know you won’t. Your blog is just that: YOURS, so write about you, you, you as much as you want 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • Thank you so much Marie . . . it is nice to hear that people get some fun occasionally from my posts. If I can make people smile occasionally that’s almost as rewarding as the Scavenger Hunts themselves. Almost! LOL!!!
      Xxx – K

  5. Knightsky

    Wait! Say what? Your boobs are the best o’er the net so dont stop flashing them . Pleeze dont even think on it. 😉

  6. I think you and your blog are pretty fantastic and you are a huge inspiration to me!

    You are so right – more people should get naked outside!

  7. Gloria

    Can I just say that your blog always makes me feel good as well. Your smile and cheekiness is so obvious from your all of your pictures. I look forward to reading your every post so I for one hope you will keep on blogging.

  8. *tacklehugs* Blogs are, generally, personal – whether they’re photos, opinions, or links. It’s what appeals to us and that we choose to share. And I LOVE what you share 🙂 Trolls can go be bored by themselves!

    xx Dee

  9. Geoff

    Another one here who always feels better after your blogs come in. They’re the highlight of my day & leave big smiles on my face. Personally I’m only disappointed this one didn’t have any of your flashes. Keep them coming I say!

  10. it really makes me very angry that someone would say that to you. i think that what your blog consists of is a very personal choice, and no one has a right to judge that. at the end of the day, you hit the nail on the head–all blogs are about the blogger at the end of the day in one way or another.

    thank you for the mention, i am truly humbled…xxx

  11. LOL – that was you getting a little serious and reflective, and there is always room for that, but never stop your scavenging frivolity, flashing those tiny tits and making us giggle 🙂

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