Sinful Stocking Tops #sinfulsunday

I’ve always felt there is something sinful about stockings and lace . . .
and I very rarely go out of an evening without wearing one pair or another.

Even now in the summer months . . . I will go without my suspender belt, but still feel sinful, sliding on a pair of net or lace hold-ups.


And sometimes I may even wear a skirt . . . but never, of course, any knickers!!!

See who else is being Sinful this Sunday by sliding over the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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12 Responses to Sinful Stocking Tops #sinfulsunday

  1. Another wonderful stockings photo, and what’s between them looks so inviting.


  2. This is so powerfully erotic!

  3. I do love my hold ups…. they are always guaranteed to make me feel sexy


  4. Net holdups! I need to get me some. You look very sexy 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Great powerful and sexy pose! Xx

  6. Fishnets are so sexy! But how do you get hold ups to hold up? I’ve never found any that don’t slide their way down my thighs!

  7. My legs are a bit chunky for hold ups, they either feel uncomfortably tight, or they just don;t stay up at all.

    This image is glorious, fishnets are always good for the sexyness!


  8. Seductive. Love the hold-ups. A lady can never have enough of them.
    When you mentioned no knickers, I giggled because its been forever since I’ve gone pantiless and what great photo ideas!!! 😉

  9. What a gorgeous angle. You look so powerful. The stockings are absolutely sexy, as is your hand caressing yourself. Really great photo!

  10. Very seductive pose there! Loving the fishnets 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  11. Going without panties is one of those small acts of rebellion that makes me feel like a naughty 20-something again.

    I love this view and your pose!

  12. It took me awhile to notice that you were wearing stockings, so focused was I on what’s between them. Delicious!

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