My Sinful Past @ #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Recovering - 1984

Modesty Ablaze “afterwards” – 1984

Whilst we were browsing through photographs for my #afterrealworldsexselfies post during this past week, Hubby remarked that I’ve always had that sinfully-satisfied look in my eyes immediately “afterwards”.

And to emphasise his point, he pulled out this photo . . .  one of our #polaroidspast collection . . . from one of my “afterwards” from 1984. And in all the years since there have been lots . . . and lots and lots . . . of sinful moments of course!

But it’s fun being sinful sometimes isn’t it . . . and I’m sure that all of you here this Sinful Sunday will look back and giggle and feel good about your own sinful-moments-past.

And, for lots of Sinful moments from the present this Sunday, simply click the lovely lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

Oh and P.S. – I get lots of messages from people who say they would love to join-in with #polaroidspast but don’t have any old “polaroids”. But the theme is actually about celebrating how you have become who you are now! Just remembering those wonderful . . . fun . . . and perhaps inspirational moments, from even your recent past, that have brought you to the here and now. So Come-on . . . Dare to Bare . . . Be Proud of Who You have Become!

Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past


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17 Responses to My Sinful Past @ #sinfulsunday

  1. That photo is amazing! Looking at past photos really bring the past to the present.

  2. The satisfied look in your huge brown eyes is the best thing about this shot!

  3. So young – and so very spaced (in a good way!).

    xx Dee

  4. Not only your eyes, but also your flustered cheeks say that this photo was taken after some sinful moments 🙂
    Lovely photo!

    Rebel xox

  5. You definitely look satisfied there. I’ve always been a big fan of a woman’s freshly fucked face.


  6. Beautiful shot – I would have been 24 when it was taken. I recently found some scanned images of old Polaroids of me. Sad, happy, bittersweet memories.

  7. Your face is of utter bliss. This is an absolutely stunning photo of you and makes me wish that I had old pictures like this to share but sadly I don’t.

    Velvet x

  8. You look so calm and wistful in this image. It is very beautiful


  9. Very retro and beautiful.

  10. Paul

    beautiful then & still beautiful now 😉 😉

  11. You really do look as if you are drunk on pleasure. I love that feeling.

  12. Such a gorgeous satisfied look! I also love the way your arms are pulled up to your chest and afire your little white shirt. Very cool photo!

  13. This is a great image. You look so satisfiyingly calm.

  14. I don’t have anything like that to look back on… but that is gorgeous! 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  15. I just LOVE this photo! The look in your RTs and the relaxation on your face, but mainly because it reminds me of some Nan Goldin’s work in a Ballad of Sexual Dependency, which was published in 1986, so a very similar ‘look and feel’. Gorgeous! Xx

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Wonderful flashback! You look very much at peace here. A very sensual shot.

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