River Cam #sinfulsunday

ModestyCamRiverHaving just returned from a very Sinful, and very exhausting, NWA . . . most of the pictures from which are far too sinful even for Sinful Sunday . . . I haven’t had the opportunity to prepare a proper post for this week.

So I thought I would simply re-post one of the pictures from our stroll around the lovely town of Cambridge this afternoon.

Having woken early but sinfully delaying our hotel checkout until the last possible moment . . . we enjoyed our afternoon unwinding with a late lunch by the river, strolling around the colleges, and indulging in a Scavenger Hunt picture or two >here<.

But you’ll find many more Sinful photos, and Sinful posts, from kissing the lovely lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K


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15 Responses to River Cam #sinfulsunday

  1. This is brilliant…. this is how all sightseeing should be done!


  2. A beautiful place made even more interesting with your presence!

    Velvet x

  3. Gloria

    These are just fantastic. You’re so brave and beautiful.

  4. Knightsky

    & i still cant get enough of such a incredible woman 😉 😉

  5. I love the way that you do days out.

  6. Sightseeing done the right way 😉

  7. Beautiful shot and the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day 🙂

  8. I’m rather speechless right now. But daring and sexy vixens tend to have that effect on me. 😉

    Great shot!

    ~M x

  9. B=Very beautiful. Also, I don’t there is such thing as too sinful for Sinful Sunday. 😉

  10. Sinfully delightful!! I love it 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  11. I love this! The idea of touring around the city in stockings and a trenchcoat gives me so many thrills. What a perfect day!

  12. Far too sinful for Sinful Sunday? I can’t imagine that won’t make this crowd want to see them even more! Lovely shot, as always.

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