The Uberkinky Manila Skinned Cane reviewed by Modesty Ablaze

UberkinkyManilaSkinnedCaneA nice cane is one of my favourite corporal punishment implements . . . so I was really excited to receive The Manila Skinned Cane from Uberkinky for my latest review.

The cane is made from authentic Brazilian Manila Cane – and it is just ideal for dealing out some serious punishment to my lucky submissives.It is almost 3ft long (85cm to be exact) and although there is a slightly thinner cane (0.8cm in diameter), I chose the thicker option of 1cm in diameter. But even with this extra thickness, it is still quite “springy” and makes a lovely swishing sound when you swing it through the air. And . . . I can assure you . . . it makes a lovely smacking “thwack” when it makes contact with my subs bottom. AND, it leaves some lovely marks.
(Some of which you may just see on one of the Gallery pages when I next update my Mistress Modesty site).


The Manila Cane has a firm rubberised handle which makes it quite easy to grip and hold onto – even when getting a little carried away during a session.

I do feel though that the cane would benefit from a loop, or strap, of some kind attached to the handle in some way. Not just for slipping it over one’s wrist during play – but also because I like to hang all of my crops and canes and floggers up together in my wardrobe. It just makes storing them so much easier and neater – and also gives me something to smile about each time I open my wardrobe doors (“happy memories”). But, so far at least, that is my only criticism of the Brazilian cane.

It is surprisingly light to hold and yet gives an extremely impressive and strong impact and, depending on your subs experience . . . and pain threshold . . . I personally think that it needs to be used carefully, perhaps alternating it during play with a spanking paddle or flogger. And certainly some regular rubbing and smoothing of your subs cheeks.

UberkinkyCaneTipThat’s because although the cane is reasonably smooth . . . with just quite shallow grooves from the grain of the wood . . . it is quite hard and perhaps doesn’t have that little bit of “give” that my riding crops, for example, do. But of course that hard, sharp impact, is just what some submissives crave for.

The tip is nicely tapered and slightly curved at the end (see the picture above) so there are no sharp edges. But nevertheless this cane has left some really lovely stripes and marks on my subs bum. Surprisingly strong marks for such a lightweight cane!!! You can see some of those marks, (but only if you are really sure please as it is adult viewing only) at my Mistress Modesty Review Extras page >here<.

So I really do love my new toy . . . and would thoroughly recommend the Manila Skinned Cane from Uberkinky if you are looking for an easy-to-handle impact toy!

Modesty Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Light to wield and the rubber-grip makes it easy to hold even during extreme impact.
Cons: No holding strap or looped tie (as I would like to store hanging-up in my wardrobe).
Material: Body-Safe(??? LOL!!!) authentic Brazilian Manila Cane.
Does Not Include: Phthalates.
Length: 85cm (33 inches).
Diameter: 1cm or 0.8cm if you prefer slightly thinner.
Available Colours: Natural cane (with black rubber grip).
Power: Does not require batteries, just strong wrist action.
Lubrication: Does not require lubricants.
Waterproof: No . . . and don’t soak in water (that would really be too cruel!)
After-care: I rub down with a soft-cloth . . . and do the same to the cane!
Supplier Product link: Manila Skinned Cane with Rubber Grip
Uberkinky: Canes and Spankers
Recommended Reading: Beginner’s Guide to Caning

You can also find Uberkinky on Twitter @UberKinky.

Modesty Ablaze reviews the Uberkinky Manila Skinned Cane

You can watch my Video Review of the Uberkinky Manila Skinned Cane by clicking the title screen above!

The Manila Skinned Cane was sent to me, free-of-charge, by Uberkinky for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

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