Finding the Eggsact Spot #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Easter EggactSpot

It’s Easter Sunday . . . so there’s bound to be lots of Egg Hunts just trying to find the best spot to . . . place that most prized Silver Egg.

And . . . if you push the lips below . . . you are sure to find lots of other
spots this Sunday!

Sinful Sunday

P.S. – My Special Silver Egg came from the lovely people at

Xxx – K


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29 Responses to Finding the Eggsact Spot #sinfulsunday

  1. Oh, what a great shot for soft focus! Also, the best egg to find in the hunt, yes?

    xx Dee

  2. Oh! Very, very nice. The butt plug is also rather pleasant. 😉

  3. Every time I see a photo like this, I wonder why I don’t own any stainless-steel toys yet.

  4. LOL – I know where I would like to be looking on my Easter egg hunt today

  5. Simply wonderful. Beautifully posed and captured.


  6. As a self confessed ass addict this picture destroyed my sobriety lol LOVE IT!

  7. Paul

    My kinda hunting ;]

  8. I love how the pose of your body mimics an egg, and the soft focus is a perfect enhancement! So, so, so sexy!

  9. The Other Livvy

    Wow, you have a really beautiful bottom! This is a lovely image and uses the soft focus really well. Amazing! Xxx

  10. Great job with both the soft focus and the holiday spirit. Sexy photo and love the perspective

  11. Lovely. All curves, all the time.

  12. This is such a great shot. I love the reflection in the plug and your fingers wrapped around it and then the rest of you in soft focus. Just brilliant photography


  13. Beautiful and incredibly sexy!

  14. What a gorgeous shot. I have a similar toy but we are working on getting me able to use it. Kinda new with that sort of toy. Brilliant picture though.

  15. I love a good holiday themed dirty picture

  16. This is one sexy hot picture! I love it!

    Velvet x

  17. I was totally drawn in by your nail polish in this – it’s such a good contrast with the flesh and metallic tones.

  18. You have a gorgeous bottom. That plugin looks quite nice too.

  19. Sally

    U r getting more naughty every time i look ;);)

  20. Very nice. I have always wanted an NJoy plug.

  21. Wow now this belongs on a Christmas card somewhere! Seriously I can see it on a rack in my local brick and mortar. I guess Easter is just as good! Fantastic work

  22. My favorite photo…Sexy. Perfect in every way!
    Well done K!

  23. Oh wow. This is such a great picture. Absolutely lovely!

  24. This is such a well put together shot, and you’ve really made the soft focus work for you too. Sexy, compelling, and altogether a great job!

  25. Oh wow! What a stunning image, you have a wonderful arse!

  26. Ooooo… this is eggsactly the view I would love to see on Easter morning 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  27. Excellent use of soft focus, and a profoundly erotic shot in all respects. Seriously beautiful.

  28. This is such a gorgeous shot! I love the reflection of your cheeks in the silver and the delectable spread of your fingers.

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