Uberkinky Stainless Steel Chastity Device reviewed by Modesty Ablaze

As I’m sure you’ll know if you are a regular visitor here, I do love seeing one of my submissives wearing cock and ball rings, or “accessories” of some sort “down there”. But although I’ve often thought about it I’ve never had the opportunity to lock one of my slaves up in a chastity device before.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Uberkinky (where it’s not just a fetish – it’s a way of life) offered me the chance to try one out.

But of course . . . just like the Ro-Zen Cock and Ball Ring and Vibrating Butt Plug that I reviewed here last month . . . I haven’t got the necessary “equipment” to actually try it out myselfBut, luckily, I had several willing assistants desperate for the chance to help me actually physically test the device . . . and more on that in a moment!!!

Now, for the purpose of this review . . . AND in my video review (see below) as well . . . I just can’t keep referring to The Chastity Device as a “device”. Sorry Uberkinky, it’s probably just me, but “device” makes me think of some sort of automated, mechanical road-sweeper or TV satellite dish! So to me it’s a “cage” . . . a lovely cage, but a cage all the same.

Lovely glossy presentation box

So . . . the chastity cage arrived in a lovely strong, glossy white box . . . after removing it from it’s discreet plain brown corrugated cardboard delivery package, of course.

The box has an almost magnetic flap that snaps nicely closed so it can quickly and easily be stowed away in your toy drawer . . . the box that is, not the Chastity Cage itself, as I’m sure you’ll be wanting that to be out of the box . . . and in use more often than not. I know I was !!!

Now . . . I’ve seen a number of different designs of chastity cages being worn when I’ve been at various Fetish events and Club nights . . . or hanging up on the racks at several dungeons I’ve held sessions at. But what immediately caught my eye when I first saw this one on the Uberkinky website . . . was it’s open design. It just gives a real impression that the wearer will be truly locked behind bars! With his cock completely caged in it’s own little prison cell . . . and I rather liked that idea!!!

The Chastity Cage is made of body-safe stainless steel and comes with a choice of three different cock rings . . . to suit different sizes of ones cock and balls obviously!

Supplied with 3 different cock rings.

The rings have a protruding shaft, which extends horizontally from the top, with a hole at the end for securing the lock once the cage is position. The larger of the three rings has a restricting diameter of 5 centimetres . . . the middle one is 4 and a half centimetres . . . and the smallest one is 4 centimetres. So there is plenty of choice for the best fit and comfort for the wearer . . . not that we would want him to be so comfortable as to completely forget what he was wearing, now would we girls???

Anyway, the sub pushes his cock , and then pulls his balls one-by-one through the ring so that he is gripped tightly enough around the base of his cock and under his scrotum to hold everything in place.

The stainless steel is perfectly smooth and seamless and . . . I was assured by my testing-assistant . . . doesn’t cause any chafing or rubbing. Even after being worn for several days.

The Spiral Cage itself has an accommodating space . . .  or “cock room” as I call it . . . . of 9 centimetres inside and despite being really strong and robust, it actually feels quite light in ones hand.

The inner diameter is 3 and a half centimetres wide. So even your “largest” submissive should be able to easily slide his cock into the cage, which then slots onto the cock ring’s protruding shaft, positioned directly above his cock obviously. The shaft is 2 and a half centimetres long and gives just enough space for the wearers balls to hang through below. There are also two thin pins which slot snugly into corresponding holes to help secure the cage onto the cock ring.

And then . . . of course . . . there is the lock! It’s a small brass lock, just like the sort you would use as suitcase or luggage lock when you’re going off on holiday. Mine was supplied with three keys. The lock clips easily through the hole on the cock ring shaft . . . and his manhood is then completely caged!!!

Strong and yet surprisingly light.

Now, as I said, I had several willing volunteers who wanted to be my “body-tester” for the Spiral Chastity Cage . . . but for my first occasion of being a “key-holder” I wanted to be able to monitor my new cage at close-quarters. So I commanded my “not quite so willing” Hubby to be my assistant for . . . “well let’s just try it for a day shall we ? . . Just to see how you get on with it!” I told him!!! Being a “chastity virgin” he showed some concern initially, reminding me that I often lose my keys in my bottomless handbag, or put them down somewhere and forget exactly where . . . but with a little not-so-gentle persuasion . . . he agreed to be locked-up for the day. (You can see the evidence, if you are sure you really want to, on one of my Mistress Modesty pages >here<).

Now, although I’ve always been curious about being a “key-holder” . . . I never expected to enjoy it quite as much as I did! It was actually quite empowering and I loved looking at it . . . making him spend all of our time indoors that day, completely naked.

And I was enjoying it so much that I decided to add a little customisation to the cage by attaching a little bell that I just happened to have to hand. (Obviously Uberkinky doesn’t supply a bell with the device but perhaps they should consider it as an optional extra!) I just loved hearing him moving around and the tinkling getting louder as he brought me my glasses of wine . . . or knelt down to massage my feet!

TwoHandsBut I’m sure you want to know how long it kept him chaste . . . and how it felt for him???

Well . . . he found it quite comfortable to wear. And, whilst always being conscious of the tightness around his balls, he said he actually enjoyed the feeling of moving about and having it knocking against him as he walked or sat down or stood up. He did have difficulty at first whenever he had to have a pee . . . spraying everywhere apparently . . . but with some careful practice he soon mastered that art.

I’ve now extended that first-day “trial” to several days in a row . . . although I have let him take off the bell each morning as he goes off to work. And I can report that my “assistant” has had no problems with showering and cleaning . . . or even sleeping . . . apart from just the obvious discomfort of his “morning glory” . . . so from that point of view it certainly works.

And from my own point of view it works as well . . . because I love feeling empowered and even more in control of my submissive . . . literally holding the key to his chastity . . . and his “erectile” freedom.

So much so that I think I’ll soon be ordering two or three more of my submissives to purchase  one of their own to send me.

And . . . if any of you other boys reading this are looking for a “key-holder” . . . I would be more than willing to offer my services . . . with BELLS on of course!!!

Modesty Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Light weight Stainless Steel and lovely “cage” design so all his lovely bits are clearly visible.
Cons: I haven’t found any yet.
Material: Body-Safe Stainless Steel.
Does Not Include: Latex or Phthalates.
Size: Length of Cage 90mm. Inner Diameter 32mm.
Cock rings (3 different sizes) – 40mm, 45mm, 50mm.
Available Colours: Silver Stainless Steel
Power: Does not require batteries.
Lubrication: Does not require lubricants.
Waterproof: Yes
After-care: Once . . . eventually . . . removed, it should be washed with hot soapy water and dried before storage (or in the ever-so-short periods you allow it to be removed).
Storage: Strong, glossy white cardboard box supplied.
Supplier Product link: Spiral Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device
Uberkinky: Chastity Devices
Additional Information: Beginner’s Guide to Male Chastity

You can also find Uberkinky on Twitter @UberKinky.

Modesty reviews The Uberkinky Stainless Steel Chastity Device

You can watch my Video Review of the Uberkinky Spiral Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device by clicking the title screen above!

The Spiral Stainless Steel Chastity Device was sent to me, free-of-charge, by Uberkinky for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

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16 Responses to Uberkinky Stainless Steel Chastity Device reviewed by Modesty Ablaze

  1. mikey2ct

    I would be interesred in how hubby or assistants feel, how long are they discomforted by ‘morning wood’ and under the pressure of deliberate stimulation such teasing, tickling, or e.g. queening.

  2. Knightsky

    Brilliant review and love the video even better

  3. Gloria

    Sexy outfit in your video. Can you do next one standing up for full view? Really fun review tho. You are so natural and relaxed.

  4. That is a wonderful looking bit of kit – the cage, not the contents! and I have to confess to a real longing to be caged in this way. But, Mrs. Clive, being a conservative lass (small c) would think it extremely weird and way to kinky. Of course, I could always where one secretly and unlock myself at night so that she was unaware – but that kind of defeats its purpose doesn’t it!!

    Oh dear, the limitations and frustrations of being a ‘closet submissive’ 🙁

    But the ‘Bell’ what a brilliant touch you could hear him cumming 🙂

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