At the Bowling Club #scavengerhunt 58

As I mentioned in one of my previous Scavenger Hunt posts, we are blessed with so many lovely towns and villages to explore in the English countryside.


And one of my favourite spots is a lovely Dorset market town which, just yards from the town centre, has this wonderfully picturesque Bowling Club.


And despite being so close to the shopping centre and main road it is such a peaceful and tranquil spot that . . .


I just couldn’t resist wanting to join the bowlers in their leisurely activities on the bowling green . . . after they’d finished their afternoon tea of course!

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Xxx – K


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10 Responses to At the Bowling Club #scavengerhunt 58

  1. Another great scavenger hunt, and as it looks to me, a different kind of bowling than they do over here 😉

    Rebel xox

    • Modesty Ablaze

      Yes they all dress in white and have large brown balls! Are yours over there small and silver? LOL!!!
      Xxx – K

  2. Paul

    You always bowl me over with your incredible pics.

  3. Wow – that scene would produce carnage at the bowling club in our village!!!

  4. These are gorgeous photos, hon! But I’m having a sad face moment, as I would very definitely include this under ‘sports club’ and you already have that location 🙁

    (Also, how much does it look like the cottage at Cornwall Park we were at together? Very cool.)

    xx Dee

    • Modesty Ablaze

      Oh that’s a shame . . . I was hoping to start a sub-category of different sports venues! LOL!!!
      Yes, I suppose a little bit like the cottage at Cornwall Park . . . but bigger and right on a bowling green by the edge of the river.
      Xxx – K

  5. Sal

    omg — I know where that is. right by the bridge and riverside walk! – god girl how did u not get seen? its broad daylight & always so busy there – ;] 😉

    • Modesty Ablaze

      Yes it is by the Bridge and the River Walk. It’s a lovely spot isn’t it! One of my favourites!!!
      And yes it was quite busy . . . but I’ve never had any negative reactions from being occasionally spotted on my Scavengers . . . people normally just smile or give me a wave, or quickly look away! LOL!!!
      Xxx – K

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