Modesty’s Foot Fetish @ #sinfulsunday


I do so love having my feet massaged . . . and there are just SO many ways I enjoy having them stroked and caressed.

And I am sure you will discover lots more Sinful Sunday strokes
from massaging the lips below!

Sinful SundayBTW – This is a very, very Special Sinful Sunday! Congratulations to Molly on the 200th Edition!!

Xxx – K


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18 Responses to Modesty’s Foot Fetish @ #sinfulsunday

  1. Oh my, what an awesome image! I don’t really like feet, BUT, if I’m going to have them touched, I can;t think of a better way to experience it than this! 😀

  2. slave sindee

    i have such a foot fetish. This is excellent EROTIC
    love it lucky guy

  3. Thank you…. but congratulations should be shared around, after all it would be nothing without all your lot joining in.

    I am not a fan of feet myself but there is something very sexy about this shot


  4. Oh My! Very very sexy.
    I know soooo many men that would beg to have your feet around their cock. I’m not into the foot fetish scene, BUT every once in awhile I like the feeling of a hard cock on the soles of my feet. Excellent photo

  5. I am not into feet either, but if I was, this would be a MUST DO! Very hot.

  6. New podiatry treatment? 🙂 I have super-ticklish feet so this would probably not have quite the desired effect on me but you, my dear, definitely make this kind of foot massage look extremely sexy. Jane xxx

  7. That is a nice way to have your feet massaged 🙂

    Rebel xox

  8. That’s a terrific method of massage 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. Lovely image!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  10. I don’t like feet but this is so very sexy.

  11. Clever angles to make this so detailed

  12. Delicious.

    You amaze me every week!


  13. I’m not a foot guy but wouldn’t day no to such an offer.

  14. Fucking hot!! I love feet and cock. We do see eye to eye often, huh?

  15. A picture to die for if feet is your thing…!

  16. I was worried about opening this one as I’m really squeamish about feet but it’s wonderful, the way they frame his cock.

  17. oh geez- so very similar to my shot (reach) but even better composition!

  18. Feet can be oh so sexy! 😉

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