Hair to Bare #wickedwednesday

Hair . . . or Bare? It is of course a matter of personal preference . . . and certainly back in 1985 it had never crossed my mind as to be anything other than “au naturel”!!!


Polaroids Past . . . Modesty au naturel in 1985.

And yet as soon as my “personal hair” had started growing, I’d always shaved my armpits . . . because as mother had told me “nice girls do”!!! But there was never any mention of shaving “further down below”.

It wasn’t until I discovered Nina Hartley, and her wonderfully fun and liberating movies, that I was tempted to shave my pubic hair.

Both Hubby, and my regular lover at the time (No.1), declared they loved it.
The smoothness of the “look” . . . and the smoothness of the “feel”. And so I continued.

But as time went by, I found the daily maintenance required to be tiresome . . . and time-wasting! So I began booking regular waxing appointments . . . and have just continued to do so. All of my lovers over the past years have seemed to comment approvingly . . . and so I remain . . . bare below.

Valentine kisses from Modesty Ablaze

Bare kisses from Modesty Ablaze – 2012

But, as I say . . . I know it is really a case of personal preference and I am sure you will find many diverse, and interesting, opinions on the subject at this week’s Wicked Wednesday from the button below.



Xxx – K



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7 Responses to Hair to Bare #wickedwednesday

  1. I like the idea of a calendar. I do not like being bare, and having being waxed only twice, it’s awesome that you continue to do so, as it hurts to me!
    Lovely pictures.

  2. Oh I love both photos!

    And indeed, it’s all about personal preference and I guess it can change over the years 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I love the inclusion of that polaroid. Wonderful post.

  4. I friggin LOVE your Polaroid pasts, as I have said before I so wish I had something like this. As for hair, I shave because it is how I like it. It wasn’t always that way but when I discovered it, it has always just felt to right on me. I can’t imagine going back to pubes again


  5. I LOVE your polaroids. They are so great!

  6. So young! So delightfully furry!

    xx Dee

  7. Kostas

    I vote hair

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